Showtimes is your ticket to what's in flower at the JC Raulston Arboretum where there's always something in flower.

Flower data presented in Showtimes is based upon information recorded in our photograph collection. By this, we mean we're not out in the gardens on a weekly basis taking flower data as done by some public gardens. The flower times presented here are based upon thousands of plants we've photographed at the JCRA through the years. As we photograph more and more plants, the Showtimes listing will continue to grow.

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Abelia chinensis

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Abelops'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Canyon Creek'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Conti'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Francis Mason'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Goldenglossy'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Hopleys'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Keiser'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Mardi Gras'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Margarita'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Minduo1'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Radiance'

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Wev02'

Abelia 'Lynn'

Abelia parvifolia 'Saxon Gold'

Abelia 'X10-9002-23'

Abelia 'X10-9010-12'

Abelia 'X10-9028-7'

Abelia 'X10-9044-1'

Abelmoschus manihot

Abies firma

Abies koreana 'Silberlocke'

Abutilon megapotamicum 'Little Imp'

Abutilon megapotamicum 'Ruffles'

Abutilon 'Orange Hot Lava'

Acalypha pendula

Acantholimon (giant silver cushion)

Acanthus dioscoridis var. perringii

Acanthus 'Morning Candle'

Acanthus spinosus

Acanthus 'Summer Beauty'

Acca sellowiana 'Kawatiri'

Acca sellowiana 'NCSU Hardy'


Acer buergerianum var. formosanum

Acer buergerianum 'Miyasama'

Acer caudatifolium

Acer cissifolium

Acer elegantulum

Acer fabri

Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

Acer miyabei

Acer negundo 'Flamingo'

Acer negundo 'Kelly's Gold'

Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum 'Ao kanzashi'

Acer palmatum 'Asahi Zuru'

Acer palmatum 'Beni komachi'

Acer palmatum 'Beni schichihenge'

Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'

Acer palmatum 'Corallinum'

Acer palmatum Dissectum Atropurpureum Group

Acer palmatum Dissectum Viride Group

Acer palmatum 'E.P.'

Acer palmatum 'Geisha Gone Wild'

Acer palmatum 'Higasa yama'

Acer palmatum 'Hubb's Red Willow'

Acer palmatum 'Kamagata'

Acer palmatum 'Kashima yatsubusa'

Acer palmatum 'Kiyohime Yatsubusa'

Acer palmatum 'Linearilobum'

Acer palmatum 'Margaret Bee'

Acer palmatum 'Mikawa Yatsubusa'

Acer palmatum 'Nishiki gawa'

Acer palmatum 'Nishiki Momiji'

Acer palmatum 'Oregon Sunset'

Acer palmatum 'Ōsakasuki'

Acer palmatum 'Peaches and Cream'

Acer palmatum 'Pendulum Julian'

Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost'

Acer palmatum 'Red Select'

Acer palmatum 'Ryusen'

Acer palmatum 'Sango kaku'

Acer palmatum 'Scolopendrifolium'

Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'

Acer palmatum 'Seiun kaku'

Acer palmatum 'Sekka Yatsubusa'

Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira'

Acer palmatum 'Sumi Nagashi'

Acer palmatum 'Summer Gold'

Acer palmatum 'Ukigumo'

Acer palmatum 'Waterfall'

Acer palmatum 'Wou Nishiki'

Acer pictum subsp. mono

Acer pilosum var. stenolobum

Acer pseudosieboldianum × A. palmatum

Acer pubinerve

Acer serrulatum

Acer shirasawanum 'Jordan'

Acer shirasawanum var. tenuifolium 'Keikan Zan'

Acer skutchii 'Tequila Sunrise'

Acer stachyophyllum subsp. betulifolium

Acer tataricum subsp. semenovii

Acer truncatum 'Golden Dragon'

Acer tschonoskii


Achillea 'Sassy Summer Lemon'

Acis autumnalis

Acorus gramineus 'Licorice'

Acorus gramineus 'Minimus Aureus'


Adina rubella 'Purple Flower'

Aeschynanthus buxifolius

Aesculus californica

Aesculus californica 'Canyon Pink'

Aesculus ×carnea 'Fort McNair'

Aesculus ×carnea 'Rosea'

Aesculus ×carnea 'Variegata'

Aesculus ×carnea (variegated)

Aesculus chinensis

Aesculus indica 'Sydney Pearce'

Aesculus ×mutabilis 'Induta'

Aesculus parviflora

Aesculus parviflora 'Rogers'

Aesculus parviflora f. serotina

Aesculus pavia 'Fishtail'

Aesculus pavia 'Splendens'

Aesculus ×woerlitzensis

Aethionema armenum

Aethionema saxatile

Aethionema schistosum

Aethionema subulatum

Agapanthus 'Early Blue'

Agapanthus 'Stevie's Wonder'

Agapanthus 'White Heaven'

Agave asperrima

Agave lechuguilla

Agave lophantha

Agave lophantha × A. salmiana var. ferox 'Logan Calhoun'

Agave ovatifolia

Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue'

Agave parryi var. huachucensis

Agave parryi 'J.C. Raulston'

Agave parviflora

Agave salmiana

Agave striata

Agave striata var. striata

Ageratina ligustrina

Ajania × Chrysanthemum

Ajania pacifica

Ajuga incisa 'Bikun'

Ajuga pyramidalis 'Metallica Crispa'

Ajuga reptans

Ajuga reptans 'Binblasca'

Ajuga reptans 'Dixie Chip'

Ajuga 'Tropical Toucan'

Akebia longeracemosa

Akebia quinata 'Kohin Nishiki'

Akebia quinata (silver overlay)

Akebia trifoliata

Akebia trifoliata (variegated)

Alangium chinense

Alangium platanifolium

Albizia coreana

Albizia julibrissin (weeping form)

Albuca shawii

Allium akaka

Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum

Allium atropurpureum

Allium caeruleum

Allium callimischon subsp. haemostictum

Allium canadense var. florosum 'White Flag'

Allium cepa 'Medusa'

Allium cristophii

Allium cyrilli

Allium flavum

Allium jesdianum 'Akbulak'

Allium jesdianum 'Early Emperor'

Allium 'Miami'

Allium 'Millennium'

Allium 'Pink Feathers'

Allium 'Pink Planet'

Allium senescens 'Glauca'

Allium sphaerocephalon

Allium 'Sugar Melt'

Allium 'Summer Drummer'

Allium triquetrum

Allium tuberosum

Allium virgunculae var. kiiense

Alocasia 'Portodora'

Aloe maculata 'Fort Worth'

Alpinia japonica

Alstroemeria 'Casablanca'

Alstroemeria 'Freedom'

Alstroemeria ×hybrida 'PAS2052'

Alstroemeria 'Red Valley'

Alstroemeria 'Sweet Laura'

Alyssum aizoides

Alyssum oxycarpum



×Amarcrinum memoria-corsii 'Howardii'

Amaryllis belladonna

Amelanchier canadensis 'Glenn Form'

Amelanchier ×grandiflora 'Silver Fountain'

Amorpha georgiana

Amorphophallus henryi (narrow leaf form)

Amorphophallus kiusianus

Amorphophallus konjac

Amorphophallus konjac 'Shattered Glass'

Amorphophallus yunnanensis

Ampelaster carolinianus

Amsonia 'Blue Ice'

Amsonia ciliata var. filifolia 'Georgia Pancake'