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Enter up to five search terms in the search field. Complete or partial terms may be searched. For instance, the search term "cer" will find any word containing "cer" including Acer, Cercis, and Lonicera, Saururus cernuus, Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Lucerne' and any instance of "cer" in the entire Photograph Collection database.

For best results, use search terms that are as complete as possible (e.g., "cercis" vs. "cer"). Multi word searches will yield fewer, but more specific results. The order they're typed in does not affect the results.

Photograph File Names

Photograph file names were recorded without the extension (i.e., CTG00001 vs. CTG00001.JPG). View a list of all the image names. View a multi page list of all 327,757 photographs.


Dates reflect the date individual photograph were taken or the month and year a slide was processed. Dates are recorded as "yyyy/mm/dd" (e.g., 2023/12/09), but they are displayed as "day of week, month day, year" (e.g., Saturday, December 9, 2023) for digital photographs and as "month year" for scanned slides (e.g., December 2023) on the search results page and as "yyyy-mm-dd" (e.g., 2023-12-09) on the date listing page. When a specific date is not known, the 15th of the month was recorded. View a list of all 4,961 dates.


The photographer recorded is the person's name who took the photograph. View a list of all 358 photographers.


The names of people recorded are the names of the people in the photograph. View a list of all 1,919 people in the photographs.


The country names recorded are the countries in which the photographs were taken. View a list of all 64 countries.

States, Provinces, etc.

The state, province, etc. field recorded are the numerous states, provinces, and other constituent units of a nation that are represented in the collection. View a list of all 113 states, provinces, etc.


The city names recorded are the cities in which the photographs were taken. View a list of all 1,459 cities.


The locations recorded are the names of the places visited. These are usually the proper names of nurseries, public gardens, etc. View a list of all 4,952 locations.


The gardens recorded are the names of the gardens in a public garden (i.e. Mixed Border at the JC Raulston Arboretum). These are not the names of the public gardens themselves (see Locations above). View a list of all 179 gardens.


The building field records the names of the buildings in the photographs. There may be some overlap with the location field. View a list of all 45 buildings.


The events field records the names of events hosted by the Arboretum or events that we attended. View a list of all 394 events.

Key Words

Non plant subjects are recorded in this field. Words like "house," "brick," "garden," etc. are included.

Other Notes

Entries in this field are similar to the key words, however, they consist more of comments (sentences) versus single word entries.

Botanical Names

A large number of the photographs in this collection are of plants. Many of these have their plant names recorded, but not all do. Botanical names for 17,706 taxa are recorded on 150,001 photographs. View a list of all 17,706 botanical names.

Common Names

Common names for many of the plants and are recorded. Unfortunately, not all taxa have common names. Use a botanical name search for better results. View a list of all 7,161 common names. When searching for a particular plant, we recommend using botanical names. While many plants in our records have common names, many do not.

Family Names

Family names for each of the plants are recorded. View a list of all 301 family names.

Other sources of Photos of the JC Raulston Arboretum

Other groups also post pictures taken at the JC Raulston Arboretum