Event Index

The 42 events listed on this page are included in the Arboretum's Photograph Collection. Follow the links to see the photographs of these events or use the search page to find the photographs you'd like to see.

''Moonlight'' in the Garden 150
''Surround Yourself with Shady Characters'' Symposium 4
12th Annual Birdhouse Competition 256
13th Annual Birdhouse Competition 171
14th Annual Birdhouse Competition 296
16th Annual Birdhouse Competition 12
2001: A Plant Odyssey - A Symposium Celebrating our 25th Anniversary 33
2005 American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta National Conference 152
2012 FOA Distribution 5
2013 Color Trials Field Day 1
2013 Gala in the Garden 4
2013 Plant Propagation workshop 1
2014 Japan-Taiwan-China collecting trip 34
2014 Japan/Taiwan/China collecting trip 122
2014 Magnolia Society International meeting 85
2015 August JCRA Prospect Dinner 21
2015 Cuba pre-tour 93
2015 Cuba Trip 414
2015 NCNLA Summer Road Show 2
2015 Summer Color Trials 942
2016 JCRA South African Adventure 645
35th Anniversary Symposium 5
40th Anniversary Symposium 37
A Cut Flower Education 17
A Walk in the Winter Garden 246
A Walk in the Winter Garden, Friends of the Arboretum Lecture 2
A Walk in the Winter Garden, Used Garden Book Sale 5
A Weekend in the Tidewater Region 252
African violet show 2
Aldert Root ES - Kindergarten Five Senses Tour 37
American Public Garden Association's 2013 Conference: Garden Evolution 575
American Society for Horticultural Science tour 1
AmeriFlora '92 117
AmeriFlora '92, geraniums 1
AmeriFlora '92, hostas in 1
An Evening with the Plant Breeders 112
Annual Plant Distribution 198
anthuriums 1
Arboretum Open House, Alpha Gamma Rho 5
Arborfest 82
Arboriculture Workshop 7
Aroid Thrills and Tropical Frills - The International Aroid Society Summer Extravaganza 2002 34
Artists In The Garden 31
Artists in the Garden Camp 2
Artists in the Garden Summer Camp 1
Bob Lyons' going away party 34
Bob Lyons' going away party (staff) 5
Bonsai Lecture and Workshop 16
Botanical Illustration Class 25
Botanical Illustration Course 8
California Coast Excursions Part II - The Gardens and Arboreta of the San Francisco Bay Area 640
Camellia Display and Floral Design Show at the JCRA 16
Cary ES Third Grade 1
Celebrate Arbor Day 2
Celebrate Earth Day 26
Chrysanthemum show 26
Cincinnati Flower Show 41
Concert on the Lawn Featuring the BrownsBrothers 42
Crevice Garden Workshop 20
Cultivate'15 5
Daisy Flower Garden Friendship Camp 2
Daisy Flower Garden Friendships 2
Day Tripping to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden 55
Day Tripping to Reynolda House and Gardens 40
Day Tripping to the North Carolina Coastal Plain 236
Day Tripping to White Pines Nature Preserve 69
Daylily Show 1
Dean's 4th of July Celebration 232
Dedication of the Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center and Legacy Brick Circle 75
demonstration 1
Denny Werner's Volunteer Going Away Party 19
Department of Horticultural Science graduation 1
Discover Cuba— Gardens, Culture, History, Art, and Music with JC Raulston Arboretum 95
Drawing in Nature I: Botanical Illustration with Pencil and Pen 1
Drawing in Nature III: Botanical Illustration with Watercolor 8
Eastern North Carolina Iris Society Plant Sale 1
Eastern North Carolina Iris Society Show 1
El Festival del Jardin 46
Elizabeth Lawrence Border Dedication 1
Enid iris show 1
Espalier Workshop 19
Fairy Garden Madness 124
Fall Wreath Workshop 21
Family Art Workshop - "Exploring Color and Texture with Watercolor Paint" 145
Family Fun Event 1
Faye's Retirement luncheon 2
Floral Design Workshop 32
FOA Annual Plant Distribution 1,904
FOA Lecture 152
FOA set up 1
Frankie Fanelli's Going Away Party 6
Friends of the Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution 484
Friends of the Arboretum Lecture 2
Friends of the Arboretum Lecture - Apples from the 'Seed' to the Table 12
Friends of the Arboretum Lecture and Anne Porter's Retirement Celebration 76
Friends of the Arboretum Lecture/North American Rock Garden Society (Piedmont Chapter) Lecture 2
Friends of the Arboretum New Member Welcome 18
Fun In The Sun Picnic 53
Gala in the Garden 3,274
Gala in the Garden 2014 3
Gala on the Road 19
Garden Chefs Summer Camp 12
Garden Conservancy's Open Days 22
Garden Conservancy's Open Days 726
Garden Critter Summer Camp 2
Garden Critters Camp 7
Garden Critters Summer Camp 7
Garden Explorers Camp 2
Garden Leaders' Luncheon 27
Garden Writer Association 61st Annual Symposium 19
Garden Writers Association - Region IV Regional Meeting 27
Garden Writing Class - ''Garden Writing for Publication or Personal Enrichment'' 2
Gardening Basics: Using Science to Grow Better Petunias 4
Gardening with Bulbs 45
Gardening Workshop with Noel Kingsbury 66
Gardens, Museums, and American Castles of Southern California 290
German Nursery Tour 114
Girl Scout Program 119
Glasgow Garden Festival 88
Gourd Birdhouse Workshop 38
Grand Opening 54
Grass-roots Conceptual Master Plan Meeting 25
Green Industry Reunion 18
Green Roof Demonstration 26
Half-day (and an Evening) Symposium 18
Herbaceous Perennials Class 26
Herbaceous Perennials Propagation Workshop 9
Holiday Crafts 3
Holiday Creations 73
Holiday Wreath Workshop 411
Home Landscape Color Field Day 85
Homeschool Day 117
Honeybee Workshop 5
Horticultural Photography Master Class Workshop 43
Horticultural Photography.....Exposed: A Lecture Series and Workshop 1
Horticulture Symposium 30
Hypertufa Trough Workshop 2
Hypertufa Workshop 21
Index Seminum 29
iris show 1
Jason Williamson's Ether Steeds 2
JC Raulston Arboretum 30th Anniversary Symposium 92
JC Raulston Arboretum Summerfest 147
JC Raulston Arboretum Symposium - ''From Origins to the Landscape'' 107
JCRA 35th Anniversary Symposium - ''Horticultural Madness'' 65
JCRA Plant Sale 337
JCRA Spring Symposium 32
JCRA Symposium 12
JCRA Symposium - ''Surround Yourself with Shady Characters'' 12
JCRA tour 2
Johnston County Nursery Marketing Association's trade show 1
Joslin Garden Open Day 60
Joslin Garden Open Garden 17
Juried Print Competition 26
Juried Print Competition (opening reception) 10
Kid Approved Annual Trial Day 98
Knoxville International Energy Exposition (Knoxville World's Fair) 1
Knoxville World's Fair 19
Landscape Color and Professional Field Day 45
Landscape Color Field Day 11
Landscape Design Course 18
Landscape Design Seminar with Julie Moir Messervy 49
Landscape Potential I: Approaches to Design 6
Landscape Potential IV: Improving Curb Appeal Through Foundation Planting 4
Landscape Professional Field Day 1
lectures 1
lectures JCRA Symposium 1
library 1
London—Plus Gardens! 4,537
Long Summer Weekend in the Commonwealth 450
Long Weekend in Washington, D. C.; Maryland; Delaware; and Pennsylvania trip 1,086
Lyndon B. Johnson Inauguration 4
Macro Photography Workshop 46
Magnolia Society International 2016 annual meeting 45
Magnolia Society International's Annual Meeting 17
Mahonia Summit 37
Manooch Cascade Dedication 25
Mastering Lightroom Digital Photography Workflow 22
Moonlight in the Garden 3
Music in the Garden 2
Nature Detectives 4
Nature Detectives Camp 7
Nature Detectives Summer Camp 7
NCAN/NCLA Industry Workday 43
NCSU student trip to Florida 175
New Jersey Growers Open House 1
New Member Welcome 16
new Rose Garden 13
News & Observer Birdhouse Competition at the JCRA 446
Noah's Ark 15
North American Rock Garden Society (Piedmont Chapter) Lecture 38
North American Rock Garden Society (Piedmont Chapter) Lecture/Friends of the Arboretum Lecture 12
North American Rock Garden Society (Piedmont Chapter) Spring Picnic 194
North American Rock Garden Society 2015 Annual Meeting 1,134
North Carolina Association of Nurserymen's Green and Growin' Show 51
North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association's Green and Growin' Show 30
North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association's Summer Green Road Show 40
North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association's Summer Green Show 2
North Carolina State Fair 9
Open Day at the Joslin Garden 28
Optimizing Photographs with Lightroom and Photoshop 1
Orchid Care and Repotting Workshop 17
Pacific Northwest Adventureland 931
Photography Camp 332
Photography Workshop 41
Pi Alpha Xi Annual Plant Sale 10
Pi Alpha Xi Fall Plant Sale 7
Plant giveaway setup 1
Plantsmen's Tour 244
plumeria; frangipani 1
Poinsettia Open House 360
Poinsettia set up 1
Project BudBurst Kick-off! 5
Propagation 1
Propagation Workshop 56
Propagation Workshop - ''Sterile in Vitro Tissue Culture of Phalaenopsis Orchid Seed and Seedlings'' 47
Raleigh Dragon Boat Club's Carolina Clash 32
Raleigh Garden Club meeting 32
Raulston Blooms! 1,368
Raulston Roundup 6
Renewal Pruning Lecture and Demonstration 18
Richard M. Nixon Inauguration 14
Ruby C. McSwain Education Center Complex 10th Anniversary Celebration 233
Ruby C. McSwain Education Center Dedication 255
Ruby C. McSwain Education Center Dedication - Members' Preview Party 83
Ruby C. McSwain Education Center Groundbreaking Ceremony 79
Salute the Shoots 36
Saying Farewell to Ted Bilderback 48
School's Out Seedy Adventure 1
School's Out Seedy Adventure Camp 1
School's Out Terrariums 1
Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for Community Appearance Ceremony 44
Sizzling Summer Celebration 27
Southeastern Flower Show 2
Southern Nursery Association's The World's Showcase of Horticulture 30
Spring Cleaning Plant Sale 50
Spring Egg Hunt 5
Spring Symposium - "Magnolia Mayhem" 118
Staff Appreciation Lunch 77
Storytime 17
Summer Green Growin Ted Bilderback Children's Program Endowment Dinner 64
Summer Green Show and Power Expo 10
Summer Solstice Celebration 59
Summer Solstice Celebration (Seasonal Celebration) 65
Summer Solstice Family Ice Cream Party 2
Taiwan 37
Tea and Stories 84
The Garden Canvas: Colors of Success, American Public Garden Association Conference 465
The Great 70 Degree B.C. Getaway 2,275
The West Arboretum: A Farewell Tour 1
Thursday Summer "Tree-ats" Series - "A Bug's Life" 88
Tour 4
Tour Guide Meeting 19
Tree Care Demonstration 4
Triangle African Violet Society Show and Sale 4
Triangle Area Gardens Luncheon 52
Triangle Area Gardens Volunteer Recognition Day 194
Triangle Bonsai Expo 75
Triangle Camellia Society's 3rd Annual Camellia Show 9
Triangle Camellia Society's 4th Annual Camellia Show and Plant Sale 11
Triangle Gardens 15
Triangle Orchid Society Show - A Symphony of Orchids 75
Triangle Triangle Area Gardens Volunteer Recognition Day 32
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 77
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 166
Volunteer Brown Bag 207
Volunteer Brown Bag Lunch 29
Volunteer Connoisseur Plants 19
Volunteer Holiday Party 437
Volunteer Ice Cream Social 79
Volunteer Potluck 257
Volunteer Soup and Salad 12
Volunteer Soup and Salad Luncheon 201
Volunteer Trip 61
Volunteer trip to the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens 16
Volunteer Winery Tour 17
Volunteer Wreath Workshop 112
Wake Up! It's Spring! 21
Winter Carnival 2
Winter Garden Volunteer 2
Winter Symposium - Stop and Smell the Roses 22
Wonderland Express 94
Year-long Class 4