40th Anniversary Throwback Tour

Exploring for Plants

Asian Valley
expanded and renovated Asian Valley

Once a barren hillside, today Asian Valley at the JCRA is full of new plant selections being trialed from collection trips to Asia. The forests of eastern North America and much of temperate Asia are very similar in many ways, and continue to offer many opportunities for plant collectors and breeders today. Plants being trialed can be identified by the collection number on a plant’s name label, such as MWT14-1025 (Mark Weathington, Taiwan, 2014).

Collecting in Asia

Mark Weathington collecting plants in China
Acer caudatifolium

JCRA director, Mark Weathington, plant collecting in Emei Shan, Sichuan, China.

The Kawakami maple (Acer caudatifolium (MWT09-299) is one of the favorite small trees collected from Taiwan in 2009 by Mark Weathington, JCRA director.

Cercis glabra 'Celstial Plum'

J. C. Raulston introduced and named this smooth redbud (Cercis glabra 'Celestial Plum') selection from China in 1994.