Plant Sale Buggy

Next time you are at the JC Raulston Arboretum, be sure to check out the Plant Sale Buggy located outside the Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center. It’s a great spot for visitors to find a wide assortment of choice and unusual plants for your garden. Self-service purchases are made by cash or checks only, and it is open rain or shine during regular Arboretum operating hours. New plants are added weekly, so visit often.

Here's what we're offering this week.

Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Vintage Gold'

Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Vintage Gold'

Sawara falsecypress

'Vintage Gold' sports bright golden, fern-like foliage that is soft to the touch and holds its color well throughout the seasons. It starts as a low mounded plant but becomes more pyramidal with age. It is one of the best falsecypress we've grown for gold color retention.

Curcuma petiolata 'Emperor'

variegated hidden ginger

Hamamelis ovalis

Hamamelis ovalis

Mississippi witchhazel

Newly described (2006) witchhazel from Mississippi similar to H. vernalis but with larger leaves (to 9”). Red to orange flowers in late winter.

Hamamelis virginiana 'Harvest Moon'

American witchhazel

Unlike many other witchhazels, this native shrub flowers in fall with warm orange-yellow flowers after most other plants have gone to sleep for the winter. Grow in sun to part shade. This is an especially heavy flowering selection.

Hibiscus 'Cherry Choco Latte'

rose mallow

Hibiscus mutabilis

Confederate rose

Hosta 'Big Mama'

plantain lily

Hosta 'Tongue Lashing'

plantain lily

Ipheion uniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler'

Ipheion uniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler'

spring star flower

Liriope muscari 'Okina'

frosted clumping monkey-grass

Ocimum 'African Blue'

hybrid basil

Salvia regla 'Jame'

mountain sage

Sinningia tubiflora

Sinningia tubiflora

hardy white gloxinia

Stachyurus himalaicus

Stachyurus himalaicus

spike tail

Zephyranthes flavissima

yellow rain-lily

An archive of what we've offered in the past is also available.