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March 6, 2020

Photographs by Ira Tucker

Magnolia ×loebneri 'Willowwood' (Loebner magnolia)
Magnolia ×loebneri 'Willowwood'
Loebner magnolia
Magnolia Collection
Chaenomeles 'Scarlet Storm' (Double Take) (hybrid flowering quince)
Chaenomeles 'Scarlet Storm' (Double Take)
hybrid flowering quince
Asian Valley and Japanese Garden
Keteleeria davidiana var. davidiana (David's keteleeria)
Keteleeria davidiana var. davidiana
David's keteleeria
Asian Valley
Camellia japonica (fishtail, white w/ red stripes) (fish-tail Japanese camellia)
Camellia japonica (fishtail, white w/ red stripes)
fish-tail Japanese camellia
Conifer Collection
Ficaria verna 'Coppernob' (fig buttercup)
Ficaria verna 'Coppernob'
fig buttercup
Geophyte Border
Magnolia 'Jon Jon' (Gresham hybrid magnolia)
Magnolia 'Jon Jon'
Gresham hybrid magnolia
Elm Circle and Nearby Beds
Ipheion uniflorum (spring star flower)
Ipheion uniflorum
spring star flower
Water Garden and Winter Garden
Acer palmatum 'Nishiki gawa' (pine-bark Japanese maple)
Acer palmatum 'Nishiki gawa'
pine-bark Japanese maple
Conifer Collection

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