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October 21, 2015

Crinum ×digweedii 'Mahon' (hybrid crinum-lily)
Crinum ×digweedii 'Mahon'
hybrid crinum-lily
Geophyte Border, Monocot Garden, and West Arboretum Beds
Salvia leucantha 'Eder' (variegated Mexican bush sage)
Salvia leucantha 'Eder'
variegated Mexican bush sage
Hedychium rubrum (red ginger-lily)
Hedychium rubrum
red ginger-lily
Iris 'Daughter of Stars' (tall bearded iris)
Iris 'Daughter of Stars'
tall bearded iris
Monocot Garden
Colocasia gigantea (Thailand giant form) (super-sized elephant ear)
Colocasia gigantea (Thailand giant form)
super-sized elephant ear
Crocus cartwrightianus 'Albus' (autumn-blooming crocus)
Crocus cartwrightianus 'Albus'
autumn-blooming crocus
Scree Garden

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