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July 24, 2014

Photographs by Susan Bailey, JCRA volunteer.

Lilium 'Kissproof' (oriental lily)
Lilium 'Kissproof'
oriental lily
Zephyranthes 'Grandjax' (rain-lily)
Zephyranthes 'Grandjax'
District X Garden Club of North Carolina Wall Garden and Weeping Walk, Geophyte Border, and two other gardens
Eucomis montana (montane pineapple-lily)
Eucomis montana
montane pineapple-lily
Geophyte Border
Canna 'African Sunset' (canna lily)
Canna 'African Sunset'
canna lily
Monocot Garden and Perennial Border and Nearby Borders
Ajania pacifica (silver and gold chrysanthemum)
Ajania pacifica
silver and gold chrysanthemum
A. E. Finley Rooftop Terrace Gardens

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