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April 7, 2010

Magnolia 'Daybreak' (Kehr hybrid magnolia)
Magnolia 'Daybreak'
Kehr hybrid magnolia
East Arboretum Beds
Extreme Pine Pollen
Extreme Pine Pollen
Viburnum plicatum 'Sawtooth' (Japanese snowball viburnum)
Viburnum plicatum 'Sawtooth'
Japanese snowball viburnum
Mixed Border
Cercis canadensis f. alba (white eastern redbud)
Cercis canadensis f. alba
white eastern redbud
Klein-Pringle White Garden
Syringa 'Betsy Ross' (hybrid lilac)
Syringa 'Betsy Ross'
hybrid lilac
Plantsmen’s Woods
Wisteria 'Caroline' (flowering wisteria)
Wisteria 'Caroline'
flowering wisteria
Cercis canadensis 'Amethyst Mist' (eastern redbud) - Ghost Variegation on New Leaves
Cercis canadensis 'Amethyst Mist'
eastern redbud
Ghost Variegation on New Leaves
Perennial Border and Nearby Borders
Ilex 'Nellie R. Stevens' (Nellie Stevens holly)
Ilex 'Nellie R. Stevens'
Nellie Stevens holly
Asian Valley, East Arboretum Beds, and four other gardens
Quercus dentata 'Pinnatifida' (cutleaf Japanese emperor oak)
Quercus dentata 'Pinnatifida'
cutleaf Japanese emperor oak
Mixed Border
Cercis chinensis 'Don Egolf' (seedless Chinese redbud )
Cercis chinensis 'Don Egolf'
seedless Chinese redbud
East Arboretum Beds

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