Cornus 'Kv10-105v1'

Variegated Stellar Pink™ variegated hybrid dogwood

Rutgers University has produced some outstanding dogwood hybrids between our native flowering dogwood, Cornus florida and the kousa dogwood, C. kousa. Elwin Orton 's 'Stellar Pink' has been a favorite for almost 25 years. Recently, a variegated sport was found in Tennessee and is proving to be a fantastic new selection.

Variegated Stellar Pink's foliage emerges in spring in pink shades becoming broadly white margined around a green center. Large rose-bracted flowers open after the foliage emerges. Fall color is a riot of pinks, maroons, and reds creating one of the brightest displays in the landscape. Winter stems are burgundy.

This dogwood grows in most situations well but will need adequate water if planted in full sun. It is at its best in light shade where the foliage sparkles and helps brighten the spot. It is usually grown as a single stem tree but can also be allowed to branch low to make a full, rounded large shrub.

While this plant is still difficult to find in the trade, the JC Raulston Arboretum will have a few for sale at the our annual spring plant sale, held in conjunction with Raulston Blooms! and the 14th Annual Birdhouse Competition.