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"Focus Stacking Technique: Macro Photography with Full Depth-of-field Control"
Mary Louise Ravese, Bella Vista Photography

  • Saturday, July 16, 2022 – 8:30 am12:30 pm

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In the close-up environment of macro photography, it is not possible to get sharp shots from front to back of deep flowers like lilies due to inherent technical limitations that produce shallow depth-of-field for this situation. However, full control of depth-of-field is possible using the focus stacking photography technique. This technique involves taking multiple shots of the same subject, each focused at different points and then using software to combine the multiple images to make a single image with the combined depth-of-field of all the shots.

close-up of purple flower

In this session, Mary Louise will explain and demonstrate how to do the focus stacking technique for achieving full control of depth-of-field. Afterwards, Mary Louise will guide participants as they do hands-on practice photography of flowers using the technique, combining the resulting set of images together in software using a combination of Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop.

Participants should be familiar with importing and editing images in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Previous experience with Adobe Photoshop is not required, but would be a plus.

What to Bring

Participants should bring their DSLR or mirrorless camera and be comfortable using the camera in aperture priority or manual exposure modes. A macro lens (90mm or longer focal length) is required as is a tripod. Participants should bring a laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop installed and their photography journal and a pencil or pen to take notes. We'll be done in time for lunch, but please bring a snack and a drink.

Mary Louise Ravese

About Mary Louise Ravese

Mary Louise Ravese specializes in fine art nature and travel photography from locations across the world. Her photographs are in private, university, and corporate collections in over 40 states and are exhibited nationally. She is the owner and principle photographer for Bella Vista Photography, and has a resident artist studio at 311 Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mary Louise is a regular speaker and competition judge for photography clubs in multiple states. She is an experienced photography instructor who has trained hundreds of amateur photographers. She enjoys teaching on a wide range of topics related to nature, travel, and creative photography, and can help with both the technical and aesthetic aspects of picture making. Mary Louise leads classes and workshops at a variety of locations across the United States and abroad. For more information visit her Web site at

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