Renewal Pruning Class and Demonstration

Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager

  • Saturday, March 13, 2021 – 9:00 am11:30 am

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Want to maximize the production of flowers and fruits from your shrubs? Renewal pruning is the way to do it. This simple technique works with the natural cycle of replacing old stems with new. This class will start with classroom explanations of the nature of shrubs, the reason for and the techniques of renewal pruning, the tools of the trade as well as demonstrations of this technique. This will be followed by video demonstrations on shrubs in the Arboretum's collections with time for questions following each demonstration video.

renewal pruning

Renewal Pruning: A Definition

Renewal pruning is a method of pruning that works with the natural life cycle of certain shrubs. It is an essential skill for gardeners growing many common shrubs. It is an easily understood and mastered process once learned. And might even end up being one of your favorite garden tasks as you work to maximize the productivity and beauty of the shrubs under your care.

Renewal pruning is appropriate to the vast majority of deciduous flowering shrubs, as well as blackberries, raspberries, and other brambles as well as blueberries. A few ornamental shrubs for which this pruning is appropriate include Abelia, Buddleia (butterfly bush), Callicarpa (beautyberry), Forsythia, Hydrangea, and many others, including some woody vines.

The class includes instruction on the underlying principles and recorded demonstrations.

About Douglas Ruhren

Close to half a century ago my mother taught me how to renewal prune her forsythias. (I think she had kids in part so she had free help in her garden.) It has remained one of my favorite garden tasks, presenting a delightful challenge with the end result of guiding plants to their greatest productivity and beauty. Douglas Ruhren is the JC Raulston Arboretum's gardens manager.

About This Class

Most of this class will be offered live and online, however, a portion of this program will use videos that were recorded specifically for this class. After the classroom instruction, we usually head out into the Arboretum's collections for live demonstrations this year. It's these discussions that will be presented as videos. These will be presented individually and will include time for a live discussion and questions.

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