Midweek with Bryce

"Ten Tips to Better Gardening: Southern Style"
Bryce Lane, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Emeritus and Lecturer Emeritus, NC State University

  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020 – 3:00 pm4:00 pm

Whether you are new to gardening, new to gardening in the South, or just looking to improve your gardening skills, this talk will provide tips that will help you master gardening in the Southeast. First, we will identify the major advantages and disadvantages to gardening in a southern region? Then, Bryce will discuss many of the classic issues we gardeners face in the South, such as plant selection and placement, pruning, heat load, overwintering, containers, fall gardening, and last but not least, how do you properly prune those crepe myrtles?

Bryce home garden'

Note: While this presentation looks like a repeat of Bryce's Gardening in the South presentation, it isn't. Due to time constraints, Bryce wasn't able to finish his presentation. He will begin this presentation with the tips he had to skip. He'll also add some that some that he didn't include in the original presentation. Even if you participated in Gardening in the South, you'll still want to see this presentation.

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