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August 2018
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Director's Note

By Mark Weathington, Director

The hot weather continues—that seems to be the theme of the summer and I doubt we'll see any relief this month. Luckily for the Arboretum, we've received fairly regular rain, at least compared with some of the areas around us. While August is about our slowest month at the JCRA, we still have plenty going on. A couple of exciting opportunities include a mushroom foraging class ( registration required ) on August 11 by noted area horticulturist, Frank Hyman, followed on August 12 by a special Friends of the Arboretum Lecture by Tony Dove on native trees and shrubs. I'd also encourage you to brave the heat and come visit. Everything in the garden looks fresh and vibrant in spring, the real test for plants is late summer. If they still look good you know they're going to be tough performers in your garden.
See you in the garden.
What's New on Your Plant Wish List?

Kathryn Wall, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

The dog days of the summer can give a gardener time to make plans for that great fall planting season. Maybe there's a new idea you want to try, or you've gotten inspired by your summer travels. The JCRA Members-only Preorder Plant Sale is coming up in September and we'd like to hear from you and get some suggestions of which plants you'd like to see offered. E-mail them to me at kbwall@ncsu.edu by August 15. Please put "plant wish list" in the subject line. I'll compile the list and get it to Mark Weathington, our director. He can't make any guarantees regarding which suggestions will make this year's list, but he is open to hearing suggestions and is very interested in both specific requests and general ones.
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New additions to the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program

  • Gamble Garden in Palo Alto, California
  • Goodwood Museum and Gardens in Tallahassee, Florida
  • Lendonwood Gardens in Grove, Oklahoma
  • Longleaf Botanical Gardens in Anniston, Alabama
  • Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island
  • Ohio State University Secrest Arboretum in Wooster, Ohio
  • The Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum at LancasterHistory.org in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Fall Horticulture Classes with Frank Hyman

By Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping, and Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Frank Hyman returns to the JC Raulston Arboretum once again with two more exciting and informative classes. Learn which native and exotic plants are edible and learn how to garden without the fear of deer eating your plants from Frank in these classes.

Wild Edible Plants: Delicious and Nutritious Native and Invasive Plants
Saturday, September 15 – 9:00 AM–11:00 AM

Wild edible plants can be found year-round in the Piedmont. The fields and forests offer delicious plants like wintergreen, trout lily, Mayapple, pawpaw, partridge berry, and many others. You can also find invasives like knotweed and garlic mustard. They're delicious too—so if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Professional forager and foraging columnist for Paleo magazine Frank Hyman will share a slideshow featuring a year's worth of delicious and nutritious edibles that can be found in the Piedmont.

Not Tonight Deer: No More Long-legged Rats in Your Garden
Saturday, September 15 – 1:00 PM–2:30 PM

Suburban, rural, and even urban gardens can be devastated by our huge population of deer. Learn 1) which types of plants deer don't like, 2) which cost-effective fences keep deer out, and 3) how repellents can keep your plants free of deer. Frank has created five gardens that are growing well and free of deer damage. Frank will guide attendees using slides, stories, and Q&A on how to plant gardens that the deer will pass by (but woe be unto your neighbor).

Advance registration for these classes is required and can be done online via the links below. Space is limited so register today to reserve your spot. For more information, please contact Chris Glenn at chris_glenn@ncsu.edu or (919) 513-7005.
Cascade of Ferns

By Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager

I've always wanted to soften the Manooch Cascade outside the lobby of the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center, or more specifically the stone used in it. It's aggressively angular edges leave me feeling unsettled. Oh, I know the world is filled with people with many different opinions and some of you reading this might think this stone is the epitome of beauty. I am at fault for spending decades not wondering if there was some way of improving its appearance.

And then, about a year ago, I did have an idea. What if ferns were stuffed into the spaces between the stones? The areas that were perpetually damp should support such plants. J. C. Raulston, by his own admission, occasionally operated with the philosophy of not asking permission to do something but asking for forgiveness after doing it. So I thought that I might have to do so under the cover of darkness. A few months later I became the JCRA's gardens manager. During a walk through the garden with JCRA director Mark Weathington, Mark asked "What would you think about stuffing ferns into the cascade wall." What I did think was that I could work with this man. And my plans for gorilla horticulture were no longer necessary.

So about two months ago the four summer interns climbed into the pool and started plugging in multiple plants of one of the maiden hair ferns ( Adiantum × mairissii ) that had been so successful in the Lath House. The interns had so much fun that it should have been illegal. Libby, the hobbyist rock climber, was all over the wall, plugging in ferns in the highest parts of the damp areas. The interns often asked when they could plug in more plants. So on July 19 more plants were added, this time with the help of an intern from Moore Farms Botanical Garden. The plants added were the following ferns:  Onychium japonicum 'Sichuan Lace', Adiantum capillus-venerus 'Falling Waters', Pyrosia lingua 'Ogon Nishiki', and Woodwardia orientalis and the following flowering plants:  Begonia pedatifida, Epimedium pubescens , and Sinningia eumorpha.

Two months on, the earliest planted ferns are growing strongly and making glorious cascades of foliage. Mark continues to suggest other candidates for the wall, many based on plants he has observed in the wild growing in similar wet conditions. So it remains an on-going experiment, but that is what the JCRA is all about. I hope you will visit and check it out.
Juried Photographic Competition

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Saturday, September 29 7:00 PM 8:30 PM Opening Reception

Calling all photographers! Do you have an eye for beauty? Would you like to share your work with other people who would appreciate it? If so, the Juried Photographic Competition is for you. Adults and youth can submit original photographs of garden or plant related subjects. Distinguished judges will determine the winning images and cash awards will be presented. The winning prints along with the judges' favorites will be displayed at the Arboretum during the months of October and November for the public to see. Don't delay! Start photographing and selecting your favorite images today. Maybe yours will become "Best in Show."

This competition is open to all levels of photography experience. Unlike our past photograph competitions, the entries will be submitted online this year for the first round of judging. There will be four prizes for adult entries: Best in Show will win $200, 1st place will win $100, 2nd place will win $75, and 3rd place will win $50. There will be a Best in Show for the youth category (age 16 and under) with the winning prize being $50.

For more information about the Juried Photographic Competition, please visit the JCRA's Web site or contact Chris Glenn at (919) 513-7005 or chris_glenn@ncsu.edu .
Upcoming Events

Volunteer Tour Docent
Sundays, August 5, 12, 19, and 26
2:00 PM

Monday, August 6 through Friday, August 10
9:00 AM

"Some Like It Hot"
Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager
Tuesday, August 7
9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, August 11
9:00 AM

Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, August 11
1:00 PM
Register (one opening remaining)

"Ironclad and Essential Native Trees and Shrubs"
Tony Dove, Horticulturist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Sunday, August 12
1:00 PM

"Indoor Flowers II"
Susan Bailey, Susan Bailey Photography
Thursday, August 16
2:00 PM

Sponsored by the JC Raulston Arboretum and the Triangle Carolinas Nature Photographers Association
W ednesday, August 22
11:59 PM

✽Denotes a children's program.

Many programs require advance registration. Please register early to reserve your spot.

Other Dates to Remember

Thursday, August 9
9:00 AM–3:00 PM

With Our Friends at Southern Lights of Raleigh
Tuesday, November 6
7:00 PM–9:00 PM
With Our Friends at Southern Lights of Raleigh
Thursday, November 8 through Saturday, November 11 and
Thursday, November 15 through Saturday, November 17
6:00 PM–9:00 PM
Coming Attractions
By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator
Crinum 'Kitty Clint'
crinum lily
Gardenia jasminoides 'Lynn Lowrey'
Cape jessamine
Lycoris × rosea
rosy surprise-lily
Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'
European wood sage
Acalypha pendula
creeping chenille plant
Millettia pulchra
summer wisteria
Passiflora 'Monika Fischer'
hybrid passion flower
Rosa 'Frycentury'
Day Breaker floribunda rose
Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Little Henry'
sweet coneflower
YouTube Channel Update

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator
Five new videos were recorded in July and posted to our YouTube Channel . Look for them on our channel or click the graphic below.

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