Mulch Sale

We're excited to finally offer the Friends of the Arboretum access to the source of our mulch. A big thank you to the folks at NC State University's Horticultural Field Lab (HFL) for their role and support in making this happen. This is destined to become another Arboretum member favorite.

The proceeds from mulch sales will be supporting both the JCRA and the HFL.

The dirty details:

  • When: 2nd Thursday of each month
  • Time: 9:00 am–2:00 pm
  • Where: Outside the back gate to the HFL via Ligon Street, see map
  • Cost: $16.00 per cubic yard
  • Payment: Cash or checks only (checks made payable to NCSU/JCRA)
  • Loading: Open beds only, member to bring covering and tie-downs
  • Service: If someone isn't at the mulch pile when you arrive, please honk or phone the number on the sign for service.

We use a blend of 80% wood chips and 20% leaves and find it doesn't mat, allows water to penetrate, and nurtures the soil as it breaks down.