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July 2021
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Director's Note

By Mark Weathington, Director

Diversity has always been a key component of the JCRA's mission. J. C.'s stated goal was to, "diversify the American landscape," and he worked hard to bring about that transformation. We continue that work including naming and introducing plants. In the past year alone, we named and released several plants destined to diversify your gardens including Aucuba japonica 'Mr. Wonderful', Rhodoleia championii 'Winter Champion', Fatsia polycarpa 'Jade Dragon', Buxus sempervirens 'Emerald Gumdrop', and Cornus wilsoniana 'White Jade'.

There are plenty of other ways to help diversify the landscape and we try to carry on the legacy that J. C. left. NC State University just published a fascinating read about J. C. Raulston's support for his LGBTQ+ colleagues in the plant world. As longtime Arboretum friend and J. C. Raulston biographer, Bobby Ward noted, "his greatest contribution may have been the connections made among gay and lesbian gardeners in the comfortable network he created.…"

Gardens are a reflection of their caretakers, and the JC Raulston Arboretum is no exception. Our team sees diversity as the root of our garden's strength. That diversity is reflected not just in the collections but also in the people who bring their different viewpoints and lived experiences to the garden and our programs, every piece of which helps to create the wonderfully complex and intertwined tapestry that is the JCRA.

See you in the garden.
Summer Book Sale

All $5.00 Books Are Buy One Get One Free
Available in the Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center
Cash or Check (Made Payable to NC Ag. Foundation)
Ready to Explore?

By Kathryn Wall, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

If your summer travel plans include the potential of visiting a public garden, take your JCRA membership cardit pays! The American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP) offers free admission and/or additional benefits at 345+ gardens throughout North America. The AHS extends their reciprocal benefits to members of the JCRA allowing you to explore gardens wherever you travel. Make sure to tell the staff and volunteers hello from all of us at the JCRA!
The RAP welcomes six new gardens this year:

You can see a list of all participating public gardens on the American Horticulture Society's Web site and make your plans to go east, west, north, or south. When you get home, share a picture or story with us. (If you need a new copy of your card(s), please send me an e-mail at kbwall@ncsu.edu.)

Thanks for flashing our card across North America!
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Summer Educational Programs

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

The JCRA has something to offer for everyone looking to get the most out of their summer this year. Join us for in-person and online classes and in-person workshops that are sure to make your skills bloom! Spaces are limited in these programs so register today to reserve your spot.

Digital Photography Essentials Workshops
Mary Louise Ravese, Bella Vista Photography
Wednesdays, July 14, 21, and 28 – 6:30 PM–8:30 PM – Nikon
Thursdays, July 15, 22, and 29 – 6:30 PM–8:30 PM – Canon

Ready to get started with your Canon or Nikon (waitlist) digital camera? Learn all the camera essentials to get you started on taking photos beyond the automatic/program nodes in these beginner-friendly classes. You’ll even learn how to improve outside of the classroom when we learn how to interpret our images to make the following shots even better. While all concepts and features discussed will be relevant to all types of digital cameras, please register for the correct class depending upon the maker of your digital camera.

Hypertufa Trough Workshop (additional openings added)
Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane, Lasting Impressions and JCRA Volunteers
Saturday, July 24 – 9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Hypertufa troughs were developed in England as an alternative to old stone sinks which were used to feed and water livestock. They provide excellent drainage and can highlight those special small plants that you have! A planted trough can be a garden unto itself. Participants will mix the ingredients, build a container, and learn how to release a finished container from its mold.

The Traveling Tree Hugger
Brie Arthur, Author, Horticulturist, and Lifelong Home Gardener
Saturday, July 24 – 10:00 AM–11:30 AM

Take a virtual escape from the everyday and join best-selling author and local gardening enthusiast, Brie Arthur, on journey though the best public and private gardens around America! Having traveled to over 800 destinations as a speaker, Brie will share inspiration from more than 50 beautiful gardens. Get ready to start making post pandemic travel plans after this lively session!

Contemporary Hypertufa Birdbath Workshop (additional openings added)
Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane, JCRA Volunteers
Saturday, July 24 – 1:00 PM–3:00 PM

Join Beth and Amelia for our newest Lasting Impressions workshop. Participants will make a contemporary style hypertufa birdbath approximately 14" square with a shallow area perfect to hold enough water for all types of feathered friends to bathe in and drink from.

Gardening Basics: Using Science to Grow Better Plants
Bryce Lane, NC State University
Mondays, August 2 through September 20 – 6:30 PM–8:30 PM

Whether you are new to gardening, a seasoned gardener, or new to this area, this eight week in-person and online gardening class will help you be more successful in all your gardening endeavors! By understanding plant classification, growth, soils, and reproduction we will learn how to be better at propagation, plant selection, planting, pruning, fertilizing, and pest management. This practical, dynamic gardening course will equip you to handle most all of your gardening challenges.

Essential Photoshop—Photo Editing Beyond the Scope of Lightroom
Mary Louise Ravese, Bella Vista Photography
Wednesdays, August 4, 11, 18, and 25 and September 1 – 6:30 PM–8:30 PM

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a fantastic tool for photo editing, however, it does have its limits and there are tasks that are simply beyond its scope. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop is there to step in and accomplish those more sophisticated tasks. This class teaches you the essentials of Photoshop specifically so you can accomplish more advanced tasks like:

  • More sophisticated selections
  • More advanced content-aware adjustments like fill, move, scale, etc.
  • Combining editing effects from multiple app programs
  • Localizing adjustments from multiple app programs
  • Blending two or more images, whether for HDR, selective colorization of a B&W image, adding a texture overlay, or another reason

Gardening in the South
Sponsored by Leaf & Limb
Saturday, August 28 – 9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Gardening in the South is back for new gardeners and those that recently moved to the Triangle! The JC Raulston Arboretum and Leaf & Limb invite you to participate in this symposium featuring Barbara Fair and Julie Sherk that's designed just for you. Join us for a series of presentations that are guaranteed to expand your horizons. Registration opens soon!
In Their Own Words, JCRA 2021 Summer Interns

By Ty Alexis, Skyler DeWall, Julio Flores, Trace Fulbright, and Thomas Wilson, Summer 2021 Interns

Hello JCRA Members,

My name is Julio Flores, and I live in Clinton, South Carolina. I am not from the Carolinas, though, I come from the big state of Texas. I am majoring in horticulture at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina. I was introduced to horticulture at a young age; my grandparents grew their own vegetables and other food items. They also grew several other kinds of plants from seeds. It was always a joy to be outside with them in the garden learning and eating fresh grown veggies off the vine. I consider the experience here working as a summer intern for the JC Raulston to be an honor. Doug and Tim have been very helpful and the knowledge they both possess inspire me to inspire others. One thing I remind myself daily is that the garden is not just there for me to enjoy; it is there to teach me to help plants grow and flourish. Gardens are not just important during pandemics; they are important to us all the time! I appreciate this experience and all the lovely faces I have encountered.

Hello my name is Trace Fulbright and I am a senior at NC State University. I have always had a passion for the sciences and biology in general, but my interest and passion for horticulture developed from a high school internship at a nursery in my hometown. I am particularly fond of rhododendrons, specifically our native deciduous azaleas and I hope to work with them in the future.

Hi! My name is Thomas Wilson, and I've had a great time during the first half of my internship. I'm an urban studies student who was looking to get outside again this summer, but I'm also very interested in public spaces and creating well-planted citiesthis is what led me to the Arboretum! I've learned a lot about plant diversity and care, and think that bald cypress is my new favorite plant. 

Hello! My name is Skyler DeWall. I am a swimmer at Campbell University. I am an environmental science major with a minor in biology. I hope to go on to get my masters or Ph.D. in plant biology. I also have an extreme interest in ethnobotany! My favorite plant in the Arboretum is the variegated ginkgo! 

I (Ty Alexis) originally started my interest in horticulture as a child. My grandmother always had a tendency to kill her plants but I learned how to keep them alive, and it only progressed from there. I've always been very content with having interests in growing fields as it always offers an opportunity to learn something new. In recent times, things have became more and more rough, and horticulture has been reliable as a source of work for me. Even in times of homelessness, it's always been something I can pour my heart into and see the seed of hope I've planted grow and flourish into more than I could ever imagine. Horticulture isn't just about basic growing, and oftentimes, if I delve deep enough, I find much more than just watching and learning to grow and nourish plants. It's taught me to grow and nourish myself as a person and gain better understanding of the world around me.
Upcoming Events, Programs, and Sales

Daily at the Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center
Monday–Friday: 9:00 AM–4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

"Interns' Top Picks"
2021 Summer Interns
Tuesday, July 6 – 9:00 AM
In Person

"Interns' Top Picks"
2021 Summer Interns
Wednesday, July 7 – 3:00 PM

Monday, July 12 through Friday, July 16 – 9:00 AM
In Person

"Four-season Plants"
Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager
Wednesday, July 14 – 3:00 PM

Mary Louise Ravese, Bella Vista Photography
Monday, July 19 and Wednesdays, July 21 and 28 – 6:30 PM

Mary Louise Ravese, Bella Vista Photography
Thursdays, July 15, 22, and 29 – 6:30 PM

Friday and Saturday, July 16 and 17 – 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday, July 18 – 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
In Person

Monday, July 19 through Friday, July 23 – 9:00 AM
In Person

"Tropicals in the Garden"
Tim Alderton, Research Technician
Wednesday, July 21 – 3:00 PM

Friday and Saturday, July 23 and 24 – 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday, July 25 – 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
In Person

Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane, Lasting Impressions and JCRA Volunteers
Saturday, July 24 – 9:00 AM
In Person

Brie Arthur, Author, Horticulturist, and Lifelong Home Gardener
Saturday, July 24 – 10:00 AM

Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane, JCRA Volunteers
Saturday, July 24 – 1:00 PM
In Person

Monday, July 26 through Friday, July 30 – 9:00 AM
In Person

"Container Water Gardens"
Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator
Wednesday, July 28 – 3:00 PM

✽Denotes a children's program.

Many programs require advance registration. Please register early to reserve your spot.
Coming Attractions

By Nancy Doubrava, JCRA Volunteer
Eucomis 'Reuben'
pineapple lily
Buddleja 'Blue Chip'
Lo & Behold compact butterfly-bush
Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno'
double tiger lily
Canna 'African Sunset'
canna lily
Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'
Twilight Fairy Crimson compact crocosmia
Emmenopterys henryi
Chinese emmenopterys
Zephyranthes 'Lily Pies'
YouTube Channel Update

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Five programs were recorded in June and four were posted to our YouTube Channel (June's Hoticulture Hour is coming soon). Receive announcements about our latest additions by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Click on the bell icon to adjust your frequency settings from occasional notifications to all notifications and vice versa.
Coming Soon
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