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July 11, 2021

Photographs by Ira Tucker

Helianthus Suncredible Saturn
Helianthus Suncredible Saturn
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Prairie Sunset' (false sunflower)
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Prairie Sunset'
false sunflower
Butterfly Garden
Hemerocallis cf. citrina (daylily)
Hemerocallis cf. citrina
Asian Valley
Rudbeckia hirta Amardillo Gold
Rudbeckia hirta Amardillo Gold
Hibiscus 'Cherry Cheesecake' (Summerific rose mallow)
Hibiscus 'Cherry Cheesecake'
Summerific rose mallow
Loblolly Grove and Monocot Garden
Heliotropium amplexicaule (clasping heliotrope)
Heliotropium amplexicaule
clasping heliotrope
Perennial Border and Nearby Borders, New Border, and Lawrence Border

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