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April 6, 2021

Photographs by Ira Tucker

Anemone coronaria (poppy anemone)
Anemone coronaria
poppy anemone
Rhododendron canescens 'Varnadoes Phlox Pink' (Piedmont azalea)
Rhododendron canescens 'Varnadoes Phlox Pink'
Piedmont azalea
Mixed Border
Syringa vulgaris 'G13099' (New Age Lavender compact lilac)
Syringa vulgaris 'G13099'
New Age Lavender compact lilac
East Arboretum Beds and Parking Lot Beds
Malus 'KW-207' (Sparkling Sprite dwarf crabapple)
Malus 'KW-207'
Sparkling Sprite dwarf crabapple
East Arboretum Beds
Malus 'Jfs Kw213mx' (Raspberry Spear upright crabapple)
Malus 'Jfs Kw213mx'
Raspberry Spear upright crabapple
Fantasy Sweep
Prunus 'Ukon' (green-flowering cherry)
Prunus 'Ukon'
green-flowering cherry
East Arboretum Beds
Pittosporum aff. truncatum (truncated pittosporum)
Pittosporum aff. truncatum
truncated pittosporum
East Arboretum Beds
Choisya ×dewitteana 'Limo' (Goldfingers Mexican orange)
Choisya ×dewitteana 'Limo'
Goldfingers Mexican orange
East Arboretum Beds
Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' (purple-leaf Japanese maple)
Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'
purple-leaf Japanese maple
East Arboretum Beds
Camellia 'Blushing Fountains' (hybrid camellia)
Camellia 'Blushing Fountains'
hybrid camellia
Butterfly Garden
Viburnum 'Nantucket' (hybrid viburnum)
Viburnum 'Nantucket'
hybrid viburnum
East Arboretum Beds
Ipheion uniflorum (spring star flower)
Ipheion uniflorum
spring star flower
Winter Garden and Butterfly Garden
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'African Gold' (variegated calla lily)
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'African Gold'
variegated calla lily
Mixed Border and Rose Garden
Magnolia 'Lois' (Brooklyn Botanic Garden hybrid magnolia)
Magnolia 'Lois'
Brooklyn Botanic Garden hybrid magnolia
Fantasy Sweep
Iris 'Nada' (butterfly iris)
Iris 'Nada'
butterfly iris
Entrance Garden
Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Centerpoint' (green ash)
Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Centerpoint'
green ash
Southall Memorial Garden and Nearby Beds
Narcissus 'Aspasia' (tazetta daffodil)
Narcissus 'Aspasia'
tazetta daffodil
Plantsman's Woods
Quercus polymorpha (Monterrey oak)
Quercus polymorpha
Monterrey oak
East Arboretum Beds
Cornus florida 'Suwanee Squat' (dwarf flowering dogwood)
Cornus florida 'Suwanee Squat'
dwarf flowering dogwood
Mixed Border
Narcissus 'Night Cap' (large-cupped daffodil)
Narcissus 'Night Cap'
large-cupped daffodil
Plantsman's Woods

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