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February 3, 2020

Photographs by Ira Tucker

Chaenomeles 'Orange Storm' (Double Take hybrid flowering quince)
Chaenomeles 'Orange Storm'
Double Take hybrid flowering quince
Asian Valley, Beds Around the McSwain Center, and Plantsmen’s Woods
Prunus ×blireana (Blireana plum)
Prunus ×blireana
Blireana plum
East Arboretum Beds
Narcissus 'Border Chief' (large-cupped daffodil)
Narcissus 'Border Chief'
large-cupped daffodil
Entrance Garden
Magnolia ×loebneri 'Neil McEachern' (Loebner magnolia)
Magnolia ×loebneri 'Neil McEachern'
Loebner magnolia
Conifer Collection
Magnolia zenii (Zen magnolia)
Magnolia zenii
Zen magnolia
Conifer Collection
Prunus 'First Lady' (hybrid flowering cherry)
Prunus 'First Lady'
hybrid flowering cherry
Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden, Wisteria Collection, and Nearby Beds
Prunus jacquemontii (Afghan bush cherry)
Prunus jacquemontii
Afghan bush cherry
Asian Valley and Plantsmen’s Woods

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