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March 5, 2014

Daphne odora 'Zuiko Nishiki' (winter daphne)
Daphne odora 'Zuiko Nishiki'
winter daphne
Daphne pseudomezereum (yellow daphne)
Daphne pseudomezereum
yellow daphne
Lath House
Hamamelis 'Amethyst' (hybrid witchhazel)
Hamamelis 'Amethyst'
hybrid witchhazel
Iris histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' (reticulate iris)
Iris histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
reticulate iris
Monocot Garden
Magnolia zenii (Zen magnolia)
Magnolia zenii
Zen magnolia
Conifer Collection
Mahonia japonica (Japanese mahonia)
Mahonia japonica
Japanese mahonia
Perennial Border and Nearby Borders and Winter Garden
Galanthus woronowii (giant snowdrop)
Galanthus woronowii
giant snowdrop
Fantasy Sweep and Winter Garden
Crocus chrysanthus 'Ard Schenk' (spring crocus)
Crocus chrysanthus 'Ard Schenk'
spring crocus
Geophyte Border, Klein-Pringle White Garden, and Perennial Border and Nearby Borders

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