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January 6, 2013

Photographs by Susan Bailey, Sunrise Designs and JCRA volunteer.

Abutilon megapotamicum 'Little Imp' (flowering maple)
Abutilon megapotamicum 'Little Imp'
flowering maple
Magnolia Collection and Swindell Contemplation Garden
Prunus mume (Japanese flowering apricot)
Prunus mume
Japanese flowering apricot
Winter Garden
Euphorbia ×martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' (variegated wood spurge)
Euphorbia ×martinii 'Ascot Rainbow'
variegated wood spurge
East Arboretum Beds and Perennial Border and Nearby Borders
Helleborus ×hybridus (Lenten rose)
Helleborus ×hybridus
Lenten rose
East Arboretum Beds, Perennial Border and Nearby Borders, and three other gardens
Iris unguicularis (winter flowering iris)
Iris unguicularis
winter flowering iris
Scree Garden and Winter Garden
Narcissus 'February Gold' (cyclamineus daffodil)
Narcissus 'February Gold'
cyclamineus daffodil
East Arboretum Beds, Elm Circle and Nearby Beds, and Mixed Border
Nandina domestica 'Royal Princess' (heavenly bamboo)
Nandina domestica 'Royal Princess'
heavenly bamboo
West Arboretum Beds

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