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January 30, 2012

×Heucherella 'Solar Power' (foamy bells)
×Heucherella 'Solar Power'
foamy bells
Muhlenbergia capillaris (hairy-awn muhly grass)
Muhlenbergia capillaris
hairy-awn muhly grass
Fantasy Sweep, Mixed Border, and four other gardens
×Cuprocyparis leylandii 'Star Wars' (variegated Leyland cypress) and Ilex ×koehneana 'Wirt L. Winn' (Koehne holly)
×Cuprocyparis leylandii 'Star Wars'
variegated Leyland cypress and
Ilex ×koehneana 'Wirt L. Winn'
Koehne holly
Asian Valley
Acer palmatum 'Bihou' (gold-bark Japanese maple and )
Acer palmatum 'Bihou'
gold-bark Japanese maple and

District X Garden Club of North Carolina Wall Garden and Weeping Walk, East Arboretum Beds, and Magnolia Collection
Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire' (bloodtwig dogwood) - Winter Garden
Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'
bloodtwig dogwood
Winter Garden
Winter Garden
Crocus chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl' (spring crocus)
Crocus chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl'
spring crocus
Geophyte Border and Mixed Border
Hamamelis 'Amethyst' (hybrid witchhazel)
Hamamelis 'Amethyst'
hybrid witchhazel
Scilla mischtschenkoana (Tubergen's squill)
Scilla mischtschenkoana
Tubergen's squill
Fantasy Sweep, Mixed Border, and two other gardens

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