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Photo of the White Garden Arbor

White Garden Arbor Renovation … $17,500 … Fully Funded!

The White Garden has been a beloved area of the JCRA for decades. The east arbor leading into the White Garden served for years as the Arboretum’s entry. The addition of a new pergola to the south highlights the age of the original arbor. Updating it will help unify the design of one of the most popular wedding spaces at the JCRA.

Photo of the Necessary

Accessible Pathway to The Necessary at McNeel Corner$15,000 … $10,000 received so far

As we renovate The Necessary at McNeel Corner, our photo-worthy garden restroom, we want to make access to The Necessary more accommodating for all of our guests, including the differently abled, those pushing strollers and visitors who would prefer a gentle ramp over a set of stairs.

Photo of the rooftop Garden

Renovate Roof Garden Beds … $8,000 - $12,000 per bed / 7 beds need renovation

The JCRA had the very first green roof in the UNC System. It serves as a testing ground and a model for what can be done on a rooftop. We would like to showcase different regions of the world on our rooftop, such as the Australian outback, a Cretan island or even the North Carolina Sandhills, to evaluate how plants from these areas might help us create greener cities.

Photo of Hoop Houses

Hoop Houses for the Nursery … $6,500 per house / 2 houses needed … 1 funded so far

The JCRA grows and distributes roughly 12,000 plants per year, which takes quite a bit of space. Our nursery pad space was recently redesigned, and an old shade structure for plants needing sun protection must be torn down. In its place we would build two smaller shade structures to provide the proper space for growing plants.

Photo of Event Tents

Event and Education Tents … $5,200 per tent / 6 tents needed

As an outdoor venue, the JC Raulston Arboretum is often heavily affected by weather. The JCRA’s current tents are nearing the end of their life span. New tents will allow modular connections to create larger tented spaces, are easier to erect and take down and can be secured even under high-wind conditions. These tents will allow the JCRA to offer more outdoor education activities, including hands-on workshops and summer camps.

Photo of office furniture

Office Conversions for Additional Staff … $4,815 per office / 2 offices needed

The JC Raulston Arboretum continues to grow and add staff to better serve the needs of our members and guests. Several large single offices were converted to double or triple work spaces recently, but it’s still not enough. Funds will convert additional offices into shared space in the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center and Staff Support Building.

Photo of the van

Botanical Van Wrap … $4,500

A cargo van gifted to the JCRA is in need of a refresh. We would like to get a colorful full wrap for the van that speaks clearly to the mission of the JC Raulston Arboretum. The van will also serve as a mobile billboard when driven off site.

Photo of garden signs

Directional Signage for Garden Areas … $2,500 per sign / 8 signs needed

The JCRA welcomes new visitors each day, and navigating the gardens can be confusing for visitors – even with a garden map. New signage to denote garden areas such as The Necessary at McNeel Corner, the White Garden, Asian Valley and the Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden will identify those gardens and help orient visitors.

Photo of Metal Nursery Benches

Plant Benches for Greenhouses … $1,500 per bench / 50 benches needed in 5 greenhouses … $1,500 funded so far

Our new full-time nursery technician is working to grow happier, healthier plants. To accomplish this, getting all plants in the greenhouses up off the ground is a priority. Rolling benches for five of our houses will provide cleaner and more sanitary growing conditions; reduce the prevalence of weed, insect and disease issues; and optimize plant-growing space.

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