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Photo of fence

Brick Columns and Decorative Fencing Along Beryl Road$8,000 per column and span of decorative fencing; 12 are needed

The current chain link fence does not represent the beauty of the JCRA or create a welcoming feel. As we renovate the northeast section of the JCRA to create a highlight destination, we have an opportunity to add new fencing. This new fence will also improve access for emergency vehicles.

Photo of trials

Annual Color Trials Upgrade$25,000 ($5,000 Received so far)

We will replace the current hanging basket trials structure with an attractive wood structure designed for aesthetics and utility, and renovate the annual trial beds. These upgrades will provide useful evaluation research for nurseries, landscapers and homeowners; teach interns and students how evaluation research is conducted; and create a gathering space for JCRA programming.

Photo of gate

People Counters at Entry Gates$7,500 each; 2 are needed (1 funded, 1 remaining)

Installing automatic people counters at both JCRA gates allows us to obtain accurate visitation numbers in real time. These numbers are critical to communicate the reach and popularity of the JCRA to NC State administration, potential donors and granting agencies. We will be able to better plan staffing, programming and visitor communications as well, based on peak usage times.

Photo of wagon

Plant Potting Wagon$5,500 (Fully Funded!)

Our current wagon is more than 20 years old and becoming unusable. Staff, volunteers and interns would use a new stainless steel wagon with 2-ton carrying capacity to pot up the more than 15,000 plants produced by the JCRA each year for distribution to members, visitors and the nursery industry.

Photo of benches

Ruby G. McSwain Education Center Lobby Seating$5,000 each; 2 teak benches are needed
$7,500 each; 2 contemporary benches are needed

Funding would allow us to replace the outdated benches in the front McSwain lobby as well as two benches in the back hall, which are now more than 20 years old. The McSwain lobby would receive two cushioned, plantation-grown teak benches, and the McSwain back hall would receive two contemporary benches specially designed for the space.

Photo of staff

Staff Enrichment Fund$500 to $5,000, any amount provides an opportunity to grow the JCRA team's expertise!

Visiting other institutions, participating in conferences and symposia, and forming connections with peers grow staff knowledge and expertise. Limited funds for these opportunities currently leave us to make decisions about who can attend events. J. C. Raulston was an advocate for travel as a teaching and learning tool, and we want to continue his vision.

Photo of accessible path

Wheelchairs for Visitors$1,500 each; 2 are needed (Fully Funded!)

A major goal of the JCRA's continuing Master Plan is to make the Arboretum more accessible to our visitors. We’ve made great strides by improving several pathways, but some visitors still cannot access all areas of the garden. Lightweight wheelchairs with oversized tires made for uneven terrain will allow guests who cannot walk the grounds to fully experience the JCRA.

Contribute by phone by calling Kathy Field at (919) 513-0264. For more information, please contact Amy Beitzel at 919-515-1680 or amy_beitzel@ncsu.edu.

Contribute by check made payable to NC Agricultural Foundation with “JC Raulston Arboretum Special Gifts Fund” in the memo line.

Mail to: Gifts and Records Management
JC Raulston Arboretum Special Gifts Fund
Campus Box 7474
Raleigh, NC 27695-7474

Funds supporting the JC Raulston Arboretum Special Gifts Fund are collected and managed by The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID 56-6049304). You will receive an official receipt for your donation.

All gifts in support of our end-of-year wish list items are directed to the JCRA Special Gifts Fund, which provides the director with the flexibility to allocate funds to the Arboretum’s most pressing needs.

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