North American Rock Garden Society (Piedmont Chapter) Lecture Videos

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NARGS Talk - "What’s the Fun about Plant Tissue Culture?"

Presented by Hsuan Chen, PhD, Department of Horticultural Science, NC State University on February 11, 2023.

NARGS Talk - "Piedmont Chapter Member Short Talks"

Presented by David White, Tim Alderton, Amelia and Richard Lane, & Scott Zona, NARGS Piedmont Chapter members, with introduction by Bobby J. Ward, NARGS Piedmont Chapter President on January 21, 2023.

Patrick McMillan - “Creating a Natural Community Garden with Southeastern Native Plants” - NARGS

Presented by Patrick McMillan, Horticultural Manager, Juniper Level Botanical Garden, with introduction by Bobby Ward, NARGS Piedmont Chapter President.

"Hiking from Georgia to Maine: Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail"

Will Hembree, Research Specialist, Longwood Gardens

"Woodland Treasures"

John Lonsdale, Edgewood Gardens

"The Wildflowers of Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier"

Tim Alderton, Research Technician, JC Raulston Arboretum

"Gardening Adventures in Great Britain and Ireland"

David White, Piedmont Chapter Member

"Breeding Better Perennials from a Gardener’s Perspective"

Hans Hansen, Director, New Plant Development, Walters Gardens

"Botany and Horticulture of Yunann, China"

Cyndy Cromwell and Nancy Doubrava, Piedmont Chapter Members and JCRA Volunteers

"Elizabeth Lawrence and Her Influence on Southern Gardening"

Doug Ruhren, Gardens Manager, and Edith Eddleman

“All the Presidents' Gardens"

Marta McDowell, Horticulture Instructor and Author

"Clematis and Other Vines for the Garden"

Adrienne Roethling, Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden

"Wildflowers of Northwestern Colorado"

Tim Alderton, Research Technician

"Gardening for the Future: My Forever Garden"

Helen Yoest, Gardening with Confidence

"NARGS Trips: Santa Fe and Ann Arbor"

Tim Alderton, JC Raulston Arboretum

"Rock Garden Nation"

Panayoti Kelaidis, Denver Botanic Gardens

"A Plantsman's Pick: Best New Plants from European Nurseries"

Jimi Blake, Hunting Brook Gardens

"Deep-rooted Wisdom: Stories from Generations of Gardeners"

Jenks Farmer, Plantsman

"Plant Hunting in Northern Vietnam"

Andrew Bunting, The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

"Rock Gardening in the South"

Bobby J. Ward, Author and Retired Environmental Scientist

"Wildflowers of the Croatan National Forest"

Tim Alderton, JC Raulston Arboretum

"Woody Winter Wonderland"

Brienne Gluvna Arthur, Horticulturist

"Rock Garden Nation: Rock Gardens and Rock Gardeners"

Joseph Tychonievich, Greensparrow Gardens

"Lesser-known Native Plants of the Southeast"

Larry Mellichamp, UNC-Charlotte

"The Horticultural Legacy of John L. Creech"

Leah Chester-Davis, Extension Communication Specialist, NC State University

"Crevice Gardens"

Kenton J. Seth, Grand Junction, Colorado

"Lessons in Plant Hunting from the Caucasus"

Kenton J. Seth, Grand Junction, Colorado

"The Smaller Bearded Irises and Their Companion Plants"

Kelly D. Norris, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

"Camellia Collecting in China"

David Parks, Camellia Forest Nursery

"Spring Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge"

Tim Alderton, JC Raulston Arboretum

"Xeric Scree Gardens"

Adrienne Roethling, Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden

"Lessons Learned from a Poet's Garden"

Jane Baber White, Anne Spencer's Garden

"Great Gardens, Part I: "Rambling Roots—Inspiration for Your Landscape from Around the World"

Jared Barnes, Ph.D. Student, NC State University