2019 Annual Report

There are many people to thank for their support in 2019. Browse all of our Annual Report at https://jcra.ncsu.edu/publications/annual-reports/ instead of printed copies. A few highlights of our record-setting year (all-time membership count, Moonlight in the Garden selling out, etc.) are included below.

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Membership Makes a Difference

Thank you for your support and advocacy of the JC Raulston Arboretum through the membership program. Memberships are the primary unrestricted support for the JCRA's daily operations and vital for its success. Thanks to these special friends who gave the gift of membership—the gift that keeps giving all year!


Robert Bartlett, Jr.
Charles and Kathy Hornbuckle
James and Connie Maynard
Geraldine McDowell
Thomas and Kathy Rucker
Taylor's Nursery
The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co.


Stuart Clayman
David and Catherine Duch


Jean Benjamin
Malcolm and Patty Brown
Jim and Barbara Calhoun
Cynthia Cromwell
Colleen Frazer
Cynthia Green and Bruce Martin
Rick and Annette Guirlinger
Jeanette Hyde
Juniper Level Botanic Gardens
Katherine Mauney
Donald Miller and Jean Gross
Peter and Jainel Morris
Timothy and Beth O'Connell
Larry and Susan Pegram
Pender Nursery (Jim and Kathy Deal)
Richard Todd


Doug and Margaret Abrams
Scott Anderson
William and Gail Bunce
Cynthia Chappell
Keith and Margaret Collins
Stanton Ezzell and Lisa Kafer
Falls Revival (Jeffrey Bottoms and John Martin)
Paul and Janet Fantz
Jeanette Gerould
Eileen Goldgeier
David Griffin
Ray and Annie Hibbs
Dick and Angela Hinchcliff
Ira and Nina Jackson
Paula and Dale Jones
Barrett Kays and Sandy Babb
Arthur Kelley
Richard and Melanie Kelley
Anita and William Ketcham
Lady Slipper Garden Club
John and Betsy McBrayer
John and Sarah Neal
Parker's Landscape Services
Piedmont Carolina Nursery
Dean Richards and Diana Dudley
Sampson Nursery
Robert and Connie Shertz
Mark Smith and Alice Brooks
Wayne Stephens and Alan Zuba
Russell and Anthea Tate
Frederick and Myra Taylor
Bobby Ward and Roy Dicks
Tyler and Morgan Whitmore
Wyatt-Quarles Seed Co.


Thomas and Jeanne Andrus
Arbor Enterprises
David Arthur and Brienne Gluvna
Charles and Martha Ashby
Michael and Julie Barnes
Angelia Beasley
John and Patti Becherer
Albert Benshoff
Richard Blanton and Candace Haigler
Bonnie Bowers
Stephen and Jill Brown
Buds & Blooms Nursery
Andrew Bunting
David and Patricia Burgess
Thornton Burnet, Jr.
Thomas and Elizabeth Campbell
Carolina Seasons Nursery
George and Jean Cheely
Charles Clifton and David Heist
Jim Coats
Creative Landscape Designs
Currin's Nursery
Stephen Davis and Nancy Shoemaker
Thomas Debenport and Deborah Davis
Jack and Judith Dewar
Morgie Duke
Brandon and Ashlee Duncan
Risa Ellovich
Wanda Emmerson
Frederick and Marion Erwin
Fair View Nursery
Frankie Fanelli
Victor Farah and Robin Hudson
Gordon and Leslie Flood
Barbara Freedman
Sheldon Galloway
Jim and Kathy Gallucci
Gardeners of Wake County
Lyle and Rhonda Gardner
Barbara George
Jason and Michelle Glover
Larry and Joan Gracie
Tim Grissom
Ed and Bonnie Hancock
John and Jane Hayes
Hefner's Nursery
Gregory and Anne Helm
Harold and Patsy Hopfenberg
Christine and Joel Huber
Patricia Hudson
David and Linda Huffman
Jeffrey and Jennifer Jones
Sam and Connie Jones
Kathie Kalmowitz
John and Jamie Kellner
Russell and Malissa Kilpatrick
Hunter Kornegay and Abby Grandinetti
Julia Kornegay and Alfredo Escobar
Bryce and Susanna Lane
Alexander and Carol Lawrence
Charles and Wanda Leffler
Cynthia and Steve Lochbaum
Craig and Zermeena Marshall
David and Joanne Martin
John Martin
Sharon Martin
David Masich
Nan and Ian McCaslin
Jay and Sharon Molvie
Michael and Kristen Monahan
Rob and Rhonda Moseley
Carolee Nail
New Leaf Associates
Old Courthouse Nursery
Panther Creek Nursery
Steven and Katharine Perry
Piedmont Feed and Garden Center
Pleasant Run Nursery
Powell's Nursery
Gordon Price
Hannah Rains and Heath Grant
Shane and Caroline Richardson
Richard Roark and Pete Townshend
Charles Rodes and Tina Belmaggio
Jon and Adrienne Roethling
Charles Ryan
Jo Anne Sanford and William Brewer
Thomas Saunders
Eugene and Roberta Schmidt
Robert Shore and Brian Caldwell
Lawrence Shuping, Jr.
Anne Spafford
Dwight and Donna Strickland
Swift Creek Nursery
Caroline Taylor
Matthew Terribile and Janet Seabrook
Tinga Nursery
Nadine Tope
Edward and Cornelia Trimble
Susan Van Eyck and Barry Johnson
Myra Weathington and Bridget Blakemore
Jeffrey Webster
John and Jeanne White
Murray Whitehill
Jerry and Adela Whitten
David and Judiann Wilkinson
Laura Willer and David Huffstetler
Vicki Williams
George Wilson
Farrell Wise and Levis Handley
Randy and Susan Woodson
Joe and Dana Woody
Clyde and Cheryl Wootton
Jean Wozencraft-Omellas
Melissa and Hannah York
Smedes and Rosemary York
Robert Zaytoun


Theresa Abraham
Mark and Gayle Acuff
Alan and Cheryl Adams
Ellen Adams
Sarah Adams
David and Gail Addison
Peter and Anne Marie Adiletta
Barbara Albright and Greg Abashian
Tim Alderton
Barry and Elizabeth Alexander
Paul and Susan Alexander
Shelia and Bill Alexander
Andree Allen and Lawrence Kodack
Betty Allen
Celeste Allen
James and Sharon Allsbrook
Jesse Alvarez
Laura Alviz Palacio
Marie Ambroise-Thigpen
Darla Anderson and Kristen Klett
Joseph and Linda Arnold
Artisan Irrigation
Jose Ascencio-Ibanez
Ronald and Aleta Ash
Harri and Leena Asplund
David and Sydney Atkinson
John Atkinson
David Auerbach and Catherine Warren
Ray Aull and Dawn Keyser
Carol and Bryan Aupperle
Steve and Denise Austin
Allan and Amelia Axon
Ken and Eleanor Babb
Laurel Babcock
Dave and Fran Baccanari
Backwoods Landscaping & Construction
David Baeumler and Sandra Kelberlau
Paul and Susan Bailes
Edward and Corinna Bailey
Richard and Laura Bailey
Betty Baker
Robyn Baker
John Balderson and Jadine Lee
Susan Balfour and Susan Wilson
Eugene and Peggy Ball
Walter and Marcia Ballard
Allyson Banas and Aline Cote
Carl Barineaux
Devon Barker
William and Sandra Barnard
Harold and Nona Barnes
Luther and Linda Sue Barnes
Mark and Beth Barnes
Casey and Amanda Barnett
Laura and Andrew Barnett
David Barnhart and Margaret Pauls
Todd and Jessica Barr
Elizabeth Barrett
Thomas and Lisa Grele Barrie
Bruce Barron and Mary Cahill Barron
Merilee Bartlett
Bruce and Caryl Barton
Kate and Robert Bartos
Joseph Barycki and Melanie Simpson
Joel and Dawn Battiste
Dabney Beahm and Tiffany Sikes
Elizabeth Beal
Llewellyn Beaman
Nathalie Beauchamp
Phil and Carol Beaumont
Michael and Pamela Beck
Jayme Bednarczyk and Philip Abbott
Charles Beecher and Sherrie Landon
Gwen Belcredi
Angela Bell-Morris
Kevin and Patti Benedict
Mary-Louise Bennett
Scott and Jamie Bennett
Thomas and Susan Bennett
Marilyn Bensinger
Steven and Isabella Bentsen
Jennifer Bernabi
Robert and Rebecca Berrey
Meredith and Anna Berry
Marcellus and Kathy Best
Joseph and Alda Biddell
Renfrew Bidgood and Beth Dodds
Big Branch Nursery
John and Carolyn Bigliardi
Theodore and Linda Bilderback
Joan Binney
Richard and Susan Bir
Sara Birkemeier and George Scott
William and Margaret Birkemeier
Jamie and Juliana Bissonnette
Gail and Brad Black
Fred Blackley
Craig and Torrey Blackmar
Jean and Jim Blaine
Jonathan and Heather Blasco
Alan and Gene Blatecky
Kimberly and John Blatz
Seth and Maria Bleier
Danal Blessis and Marcia Barham
Andrew and Elizabeth Blue
Jason Bochinski and Laura Clarke
Ed Boer and Eve von Deck
Zoltan and Nan Bokeny
John and Diane Bomba
Richard and LuAnne Bonanno
Emily Bonner
Kirk and Pamela Booker
Gary and Carol Boos
John and Patricia Booth
Penelope Booze Foss
Peter and Patricia Borgia
Rachael Born
Keith and Tammy Boswell
Henry and Sory Bowers
Karl and Gale Bowman
Clarence and Samantha Boyd
Robin Boyles
John Bradfield
Brady & Associates Forestry Services
Harold Brady
Nikola Brantchev and Michelle Phoenix
Paul and Amy Brantley
Sarah and Stephanie Brecht
Linda and Miana Breed
Donovan Breeding
Marvin and Frances Breedlove
Jeffrey and Sarah Breeze
Kevin and Mary Brice
Olin and Laura Brimberry
Raymond and Dianne Brinker
Lynn and Dennis Britt
Daniel Brommer
Brookhaven Night Garden Club
Mark and Elizabeth Brooks
William Brooks
Nancy Brookshire
Curtis and Patricia Brothers
Nancy Brothers
Stephen and Amanda Browde
Richard Brown
Mark Brown and Joshua Masters
Michelle and Olivia Brown
Robert and Regan Brown
Noelle Browne
Charles and Lois Brummitt
Ranata Buchko
John Buettner and John Dole
Tom Bumgarner
Jack and Debra Burke
Laurinda Burleson
Ed Burmila and Cathy Brigham
Joy and Michael Burns
Cheryl Burton
David and Dawn Burtt
Leonard and Amy Bush
Robert and Sally Butler
Scott and Laura Byrd
Basil and Diana Byrne
Joseph and Mary Joyce Cable
Joel and Sara Cade
Tara Cage
Richard and Donna Caira
Janet Caldwell
Patsy Caldwell and Elizabeth Scupin
John and Christine Calvert
Landa Camilli and John Brusa
Colin Camu, Sr.
Joanne Canganelli-Parman
Ulysses Cann and Anna Marie Ladd
Philip Cardinale
Dennis and Eileen Carey
Kevin and Meighan Carpenter
Conwell and Evelyn Carter
Donald and Kathy Carter
Georgia Carter
John and Lee Carter
Jason and Quincy Caspar
Robert and Alice Cassanova
Dave Catalano and Charlene Dark
Glenn Catts and Kathleen Thomas
Kelly and Susan Caudle
Mark and Kaitlin Cavallaro
Andrew and Mary Lee Cerillo
Joseph and Florence Chaffin
Belynda and Matti Chambers
Julie Chambers
Thomas Chambers and Rosanna Sutherland
Casey Champion and Nancy Clayton
Ryan and Erin Champion
Casey Chapin and Mary Stevenson-Keef
Beth Chapman
David and Sandra Chapman
Arthur and Jean Chard
Kim Charron
John Cheney, Jr.
Roger and Julie Chenoweth
David Cheshire and Adrienne Alden
Katherine Chesney
David and Madge Chetwynd
Erlinda Chicas
John and Molly Chiles
Lucila Chun Bravo
Allen and Anne Clapp
Bernadette Clark
George and Pam Clark
Irma Clark
Teri Clark
Maria Clavell
David and Ellen Clemens
Brenda Cleveland and Barry Engber
Charles and Kathy Clift
Glenn Clingroth and Elizabeth Pauk
Connie and Laurie Cochran
Dan and Lyn Cochrane
Cynthia Coffman
William Cohen and Lee Lim
Vivian Colbert
Paul Cole and Randy Gaugert
Ted and Jennifer Cole
Brandon and Tara Coleman
Coley Bunch Nursery & Garden Center
Jaime and Lilia Collazo
Sarah Collins
Jim and Hanna Compton
Cherie Conley
Frank and Joan Conn
Cindy and Thomas Cook
Joseph Cook and Jennifer Pippin
Peter and Colleen Cook
William Cook
Holly Cook-Wood and George Wood
Albert Cooke and Daphne Hill
Leah Cooke
Melinda and Carolyn Corn
Vicki and Joe Corporon
Joe and Susan Costa
Henry and Irene Cotter
Marchina Cotton
Richard and Rose Cotton
Dale Cousins
Robert and Heather Couture
David and Helen Cox
Gary and Christi Cramer
Jacob Crandall and Deborah Myatt Crandall
Frank Crannell and Deborah Lassiter
Takisha Craven
Bob and Susan Crenshaw
Walter Crone and Gail Fletcher
John and Connie Crook
Courtney and Kathy Crosby
Martha Crowley
Megan and Cheri Crum
Craig Crump and Susan Dekkers
William and Mary Cruse
Marc and Julie Cubeta
William and Geri Cullen
Jonathon and Rachel Cummings
Matt and Rebecca Cunningham
Michael and Heather Curcio
Vincent and Sandra Dabrowski
Anne Dahle
Deb and Andrew Dalgliesh
Karen Damari and Andy Roth
Diane and Ted Danchi
John and Mary Daniels
Julia Daniels and Bob Trullinger
Matt and Mary Daniels
Jeff and Kim Darpel
Lawrence and Sarah Davenport
Nicholas and Katharine Davies
Andrea Davis
Larry and Kimberly Davis
Robert Davis and Judy Morgan-Davis
William and Kyra Davis
Stacy De Coster
Jillian and Lucia De Gezelle
Alexander and Linda De Grand
Mary Belle De Hertogh
Meredith de la Vergne
Doris Deal
Gregory and Amy Dean
Dina Deaton and David Collier
Ted and Cathy Deats
Nick and Margot DeBarmore
Kris and Jennifer DeBerry
Maryann Debski
Larry and Rebecca Deckard
Michael and Linda DeFrancesco
Kelly Del Tufo
Jaime Delgadillo
Mandy Delmaine
Richard and Abby DeLotto
Robert and Ann DeMaine
William Dement, Jr., and Ed Sessoms
Deborah and Richard DeNatale
Stephen and Martha Derbyshire
Peter and Anne Derouin
Steve and Cathy DeWitt
Tom Dickey
Joel Casey and Lindsay Dietrich
James and Lynn Dix
William and Marie Dixon
Dana and Ken Dockser
Robert and Colleen Dodds
Ron and Jeanette Doggett
David and Christine Dohrmann
Shannon and Jeson Dollar
Barbara Donahue
Keith Donahue
Alexander and Georgia Donaldson
Taki and William Donovan
Ginger Dosier
Nancy Doubrava
Heather Dowd
Thomas and Donna Dowd
John and Bonnie Downs
David Drews and Conyers Lamm
Audrey Driskill and Karen Clark
Joseph and Carrie Drstvensek
Katie du Pont
Joseph Dubanowich
R. A. Dudley Nurseries
Keith and Judith Duffelle
James Dunbar
Michael and Morgan Dunn
Rebecca Dunning
William Dupont and Marilyn Grolitzer
Justin and Lindsay Durango
John and Marilyn Dutton
Pamela Eagles
Jan Eason and Martha Walton
Alan and Barbara Eaton
Debbie and Paul Eberle
Sara Edelman
Rufus and Linda Edmisten
Garuna Edwards
Derek Ehrman and Amanda Matson
Lisa Eichelberger
Todd and Susan Eichler
Alex Eilhauer and Megan O'Neill
Joanne Ekena
Emily and Paul Eldridge
Jenni Elion and William Woltz
William and Margaret Ellington
Sandy Elliott
Tim and Shirlene Elliott
Scott and Maria Ellis
Rich and Sylvia Elwyn
Maureen and Tom Emerson
Thomas Emmel
William Emory, III, and JoAnna Quinn
David and Cornelia Engelhart
James and Jane Ericksen
Chris Ess and Amanda Saville
Allan and Susan Eure
Lynn and Faye Eury
Jeffrey Evans and Dave Parnell
and Lisa Evans
Ruth and William Evans
Megan Everett
John and Carolyn Falletta
Christopher Fallon and Samantha Lasater
Jingjing Fang and Eric Gonyo
James and Barbara Farley
Brian and Ann Farnham
Robert and Louise Fass
Richard and Margaret Faust
John and Peggie Feddersen
Kevin Feeney, Jr., and Sarah Ho
George and Kathryn Fenich
Ralph Ferguson
Ronald Ferguson and Dana Garner
Robert and Diane Ferone
Michael and Joy Ferrell
Ben Fewel and Catherine Maxwell
Paul and Kathryn Field
Karen Fieselman-stroud and Chipman Stroud
Gamze Findik
Alan and Martha Finkel
Peter and Vivian Finkelstein
Ciara and Cody Finley
Cindy and Kevin Fitzgerald
GayAnn Flanagan
Marilyn Flannigan
Charles Fleischmann
George and Olivia Fleming
Marilyn Fleming
Dennis Flood and Carl Duyck
Mendle Floyd and Mary Catherine Nicolay
Mark and Mildred Fockele
Emily Folk
Frances and Jim Fontaine
Frederick and Debra Ford
Jeanne Ford
Jeffrey Ford
Janet Forte
Mary Fosnaught
Myron and Virginia Fountain
Christian and Connie Fowler
Sonya Fox
Steven and Martha Frank
David and Betty Frederick
Michael Freeman and Robert Hall
Richard and Nancy French
Lauren and Adam Freudenberger
William and Carol Freund
John and Teresa Frisone
Cynthia Fulbright and Ben Reed
Josh Fulford and Betty Hatcher
Clyde and Ruth Fulk
Kirk and Linda Fuller
Elizabeth Gaeddert and Walter McGinnis
Richard and Harriet Gaillard
Lynn Gaito
Dawne and Sarah Galdi
Sam and Shelley Galphin
Mark and Diane Gantt
Rossy Garcia and Jim Zieger
Gardener by Nature (Dale Batchelor and John Thomas)
Gardens by Design
Lucy Gardiner
Michael Gardner and Carol Lam-Gardner
Renata Garland
Teresa and Gordon Garner
Janet and Greg Gaskins
James and Anita Gates
Robert and Carol Gates
Garden Club of North Carolina Landscape Design School
Constance Gehrman and Charles Martin
Gelvin Management Services
Andrée Genez
Andrew and Susanna Gentry
Fred and Susan Gentry
Thomas and Bethany Georgoulias
Thomas Geraghty, Jr., and Helene Graziano
Thomas and Jean Gerding
David and Liza Gettles
Mark and Carol Gillespie
Dana and Dominic Gillooly
Rebecca Glass
Christopher Glenn
Jerome and Linda Glenn
Marianne and Todd Glosson
Blanton and Judith Godfrey
Kelly and Shannon Godwin
Gordon and Vickie Goeking
Danold and Marilyn Golightly
Yvonne Golightly
Rodney and Ann Gonski
Raymond Gonzales and Karen Barbour
Charles and Cynthia Goode
Raymond and Susan Goodmon
Virginia Gordon
Fred and Karen Gore
Karl Gottschalk and Dorothy Pugh
Henry and Ellen Graden
Elizabeth Graff and Scott McLellan
Ronald Grainger
Sophie Gray and Phillip Davies
William and Amy Gray
Jeffrey and Sally Greaser
Joanne Green and Linda Rosen
Andrew and Kimberly Greenwald
Jason and Cara Griffin
Phil and Harriette Griffin
Thomas and Moira Griffin
Trina Griffin
Douglas and Lindsay Griffith
Glenn and Susan Grigg
Oscar and Leah Guerra
Judy Guiteras
Christopher and Ann Marie Gunter
Abigail Guy
David and Karen Guy
Jerry and Valerie Hackman
Joseph Hadala and Stephanie Bertsche
Thomas and Susan Hadley
Kathy Hafer
Michael and Katharine Hagan
William and Barbara Haight
Geoff and Christina Haisty
Jane Hallberg
Patty and JP Hamilton
Jeanne Hammer and Paul McWhinney
Susan Hammer
Bruce and JoAnn Hammerberg
Larry and Wilma Hammett
Maureen Hammond
Amanda Hampton
Deborah Hamrick and Ed Gaines
George and Cindy Hamrick
Philip and Caroline Hamrick
Larry and Kathy Hancock
Christian and Mary Hansen
Seth and Liz Hansen
Kathleen Hanson
Carolyn Happer and Leonard Graham
William Harazin and Becky French
Elizabeth Hardie and Sue Kocher
James and Dorthy Hardin
Michele Hardy
Clinton and Ashley Hargrove
William Hargrove
Neil and Margaret Harper
Paul and Dixie Harrell
Bill and Frances Harris
Michael and Kimberly Harris
Rebeca Harris
Wayne and Susan Harris
Michael and Patricia Hartman
Gina Hartness
Geoffrey and Marcia Hartwig
Sandra and Guy Harwood
Felton and Betty Hastings
Robert and Linda Hatcher
John and Susan Hausmann
Robert and Kay Hawkins
Andrew Hawks and Sarah Craig Hawks
Kathy Haydysch
Brian Hayes
Douglas Hearth
Charles and Evelyn Heatherly
Sally Hebbeler and Sara Pittenger
Jennifer Hebert
Robert and Mary Heckman
Walter and Sarah Heckman
Summer Hedges and David Kennedy
Dale Hedin and Lynn Durham
Geraldine and Sarah Elizabeth Heenan
David and Karen Heilner
Bruce and Cynthia Heinlein
Marcus Helfrich and Hilary Davis
Terry Helms
Cynthia Hendley
Elise Hendley
Craig and Michelle Hendrix
Jim and Diane Hendrix
Paul and Marceline Henehan
Suzanne and Marc Hens
Bruce and Peggy Herbert
Sylvester and Martha Herlihy
David and Cynthia Herlong
Tony and Susan Hern
Susan Hertz
Tiara Hicks
David Hill and Tara Boris
Zachary Hill
Robert and Susan Hillmann
Junius and Martha Hipp
Melinda and Diane Hiteshue
John and Kay Linn Hobart
Linda Hockersmith
Chris Hofelt and Elizabeth Holfelt
Jonathan and Deborah Hoffman
Paul and Judy Hoffman
Robin Hoffman
Norfleet and Annetta Hoggard
Raymond and Ruth Holcomb
James and Anita Hollister
George Holloman
Hedy Hollyfield and Jim VanKirk
Alexander and Dominique Holmes
Lawrence and Ilene Holmes
Jeffrey and Lisa Holmsen
Adam and Maria Holtzman
Paul and Lisa Holzworth
Will Hooker and Jeana Myers
Donald and Loretta Hopper
Sandra Horn
Phillip and Grace Horne
Paige Hornsby and Taylor Short
Robert and Roberta Horton
Donald and Carolyn Hoss
Laurie House and John Hopkins
Brian and Martha Howard
Daniel Howe and Loretta Shaia
Susan Howe
Charlie and June Hoyle
Robert and Elaine Hubal
Elizabeth Hubbe and Wanda English
Peter and Patrice Hubert
Byrne and Sara Huddleston
Jim and Mary Hugenschmidt
Mark Hughes and Patrice Cooke
Laura Humble
Richard and Patricia Hunnell
Garrett and Susan Hunter
Joseph Hyde and Meghan Jones
Ethan Hyman and Kim Nilsen
Alexa and Nicholas Ilijic
Robert and Patty Imperial
Regina and Lauren Irizarry
Jordan Jackson and Cindy Joyner
Jim and Gloria Jahnke
Allen James
Susan James and Jessica Haggerty
Fred Jamison
Michael Janes
Terry Jasper and Rod Brooks
JDavis Architects
Katherine Jennings
Keith Jensen and Barbara Harvey
Morten Jensen
Jericho Farms
Pamela and James Jessup
Barger Jeutter and Scott Robertson
Susan Jewett
Arnav Jhala
Craig and Laura Johnson
Frederick and Kimberly Johnson
Johnny and Sherrill Johnson
Nicole Johnson and Chris Estrada
Johnson Nursery Corp.
Ozzie Johnson, Jr., and Lisa Bartlett
Robert and Geri Johnson
John Johnston and James Rives
Kimberly and Chris Jokisch
Mark Jolly and Karen Polk
Cecil and Jo Anne Jones
Edward and Georgina Jones
Joseph and Sharon Jones
Marilyn Jones
Christine Jost
Matt Justice and Teresa Woodie
Tom Kagan and Amy Mackintosh
Catherine and Brian Kaminski
John and Jane Kanipe
Kenneth and Virginia Karb
Keith Karlsson
Robert Karol
Curtis Kasefang and Sharon O'Neill
Kelli and Karen Kaspar
and Gisela Kasselt
Karen and Bob Kattman
Ken and Kim Keeler
Catherine Keenan
Charles Keith and Muki Fairchild
Shazia and Charles Keller
Barbara Kelley and Edward Kelley
Sheila Kellogg
David and Susan Kelly
James and Ellen Kelly
Paul and Pat Kelly
Richard and Laura Keltie
Robert and Olivia Kemp
Leanne Kenealy
Keith and Sharon Kennedy
Daniel Kerr
Timothy and RitaLynn Kesler
Timothy and Dianne Ketchie
Larry and Barbara Ketchum
Thomas and Leslie Kieffer
Andrew and Colleen Kiley
John and Gloria Kimber
Joanne King
Larry and Susan King
Patricia and Jeffrey King
Brenda King-Powers
Matthew and Laura Kirby
Rebecca Kirkland
Paul and Phebe Kirkman
Christopher and Katherine Kirschling
Doris Kistler and Frederic Wightman
Matthew Kizak and Amy Clifford
Walt Klausmeier and Linda Larkins
Carol and Alan Klein
Jennifer and Dave Klein
Stephen Klimko and Jill Mitchell
James and Dena Kline
Bill and Linda Klose
Charles and Amy Kneifel
Reinhard and Ellen Koch
John Kocher and Britt Crews
Margaret Kocsis
Michael and Cindy Koenig
Kay Kohring Dasilva
Joanne Kollar and Richard Wolfe
Gale and Faye Koonce
Mary and Scott Korbin
Patricia Korpik
Peggy and Charles Korte
Leslie Koster
Gary Krajewski
Kelly Kreel
Edward and Sandy Kropf
Kenneth and Lizbeth Kukorowski
Deborah Lackey
Fred Lakin, Jr., and Katrina Frey
William Lamb
Jack Lamm, II, and Dan Gant
Cynthia Landwehr
Richard and Amelia Lane
Rachael Langley and Andrea Finch
Brian and Darlene Lannon
Duane and Joanne Larick
Todd Lasseigne and Heather Toedt-Lasseigne
Stephen LaTour and Pauline Houlden
Robert and Stephanie Lauck
Sharon Lavallee and Michael Young
William and Nancy Law
Virginia Lawler
Robert Lawless
Brent Lawrence
Jesse and Cathy Lawrence
Scott and Jonell Lay
Matt and Debra Layko
Joe Layton and Sarah Roholt
Leaf & Limb
James and Mary Leatherberry
Darlene Lee and Steve Wales
Claire Leland
Jonathan Lelito
Robert and Michelle Leonard
Mary Leonhardi and Bradley Dokter
Sylvia Lesniak
Gloria Lewis and Russ Langdon
Colin Lickwar and Elyse Dankoski
Frank and Mildred Liggett
Rose and Stephen Lilley
Linda Dalton Pottery
Poul Lindegaard
Alyson and David Lineberry
Hugh and Mary Liner
Ryan and Jocelyn Lippert
David Lipton
Little & Little Landscape Architects
Geof Little and Sharon Fitzgerald
James and Lu Ann Little
David and Pamela Livingston
Richard and Sara Loeppert
Michael and Christina Loiacono
Alexander and Joanne Loktu
Steven and Arlene Lord
William and Valerie Lorenz
David and Jill Losch
Frank Louws and Helen Suk-Louws
Philip and Jamie Lovdal
Jim and Gail Lovelace
Daniel Lucas
Keith Lukowski and Christopher Shreve
Curt and Diane Lunchick
Jenny Lundquist and Sandy Mcelroy
Penn Lunger and Lind Graves
Daniel and Joan Lyzinski
Lynne and Fred Mabry
Rudolf and Friederike Machilek
Larry and Cathy Mack
Mary MacKenzie and Natalie Allcott
Kerry and Patricia MacPherson
Edward and Maryann Mahnken
John and Virginia Maier
Bruce and Bonnie Malmat
Robert and Karen Malone
William Mandeville
Gus and Geary Mandrapilias
Tom and Elizabeth Manley
Brandy Mann
Douglas and Linda Mann
Jessica and Sheila Manuszak
Matthew and Michelle Mariani
Bruce Markey and Kristin Petersen
Cindy and Jenny Marsh
Steven and Sujittra Martin
Susanna Martin
Wickus and Allison Martin
Laura Marx
Diana and Lisa Massa
Gary Mathews and Eiko Tai
Michael and Audrey Matteson
Paul Mattingly
Josephus and Laura Mavretic
William and Christine Maxwell
Larry and Pam Mazingo
Kristen McCabe
William McCall, Jr.
Dan and Sonya McCormick
Gwendolyn McCormick and Jo Ann Jones
Charles and Donna McCue
Michael McDonald and Kathy Hart
Ralph McDonald and Margaret McLaurin
Rusty and Jessica McDonald
Al and Sheila McDowell
John McDowell
Amy McInnis and Skylar Fisher
Michael and Virginia McKay
Suzanne McKendry and Sarah Chuyka
Harry McKinney, Jr.
Michael and Carla McKinney
Thearon and Vanette McKinney
John and Jennifer McLamb
Bob and Jean McLeod
Bonnie McLeod and William Hamlin
Mary McNamara
Richard and Carol McNeel
John and Linda McWay
James and Ruth Mead
Barry and Sandra Meade
Lisa Meares
Bill Mears and Molly Urquhart
Douglas and Georgia Meckes
John and Bonnie Medinger
Glenn and Anne Meganck
Sejal Mehta and Jay Chaudhuri
John Meier and Emily Cliver
Larry and Audrey Mellichamp
Bonnie Melton
Ramesh and Nidu Menon
Derrick Mertz and Melissa Romaire
David Messerly and Stacy Bennett
Andea and Max Mew
David Meyrick
Alain and Myra Michot
Denise Mickalites
Theodore and Jennifer Midthun
Barbara Miles
Carolyn Miller and Carl Blackman
Christopher Miller and Jennifer Lopez
Dale and Sharon Miller
Susan Miller
Cindy Mills
Jan Mills
Carl and Pamela Mims
Rodney Mims and Ashley Hum
Charles and Karen Mirabella
Mary Mishu
Edmond and Beverly Mitchell
John and Stephanie Mitchell
Ronald and Melissa Mitchell
Wayne and Jean Mitchell
Linda Mobley
Mark Moen and Margaret Green
Raphael and Christina Mojica
Michael and Lillian Molinini
Amanda Molson
Fred and Jeannie Morelock
Jacob and Jennifer Morgan
Jesse and Jeannine Morgan
Robert Morrell and Maureen Morrell
Ellie Morris and Michael Nutt
James and Ann Morris
Robertt and Patricia Morrow
David and Virginia Morse
Joe and Shirley Morton
Bradley and Joyce Moses
Thomas and Jennifer Moses
John and Charlotte Moss
Robert and Elizabeth Mottern
Robert and Christine Mulder
William and Pamala Muller
Jenny Mullinax
Laddie and Edna Munger
Joyce Munro
Jordan Myers and Iris Irving
John and Ann Myhre
Melissa Nafke
Zsolt and Rosanne Nagy
Donald Namm and Marsha Hendrixson
Nature's Art by Susan Aldworth
Nature's Design
Diane Neal
Harry and Rebeccah Neff
Martine Nehrig and P. L. Cusden
Julie Nelson and Nancy Floyd
Troy and Jill Nelson
Sissy and Howard Newell
Mac and Lindsay Newsom
David Newton and Mary Giguere
John and Lou Raye Nichol
Grover and Sherry Nicholson
Rosalie and Russell Niemi
Edwin and Mary Ann Nirdlinger
Jim Niver and Cindy Popkin
Joseph Nobile
Jane Norris
Frances Norwood
Bruce and Nancy Novell
John and Alicia Nunnally
Tom Nunnenkamp and Lib Jones
Jim and Katherine Nutt
Henry and Heidi Nuttle
Sean Nuwer and Ingrid Fromm
Ann O'Brien
David O'Loughlin and Cecilia Raphael-O'Loughlin
Gustavo Ocoro
Natasha and Izzy Olby
Glenn and Tonya Oliver
Jon Olsen and Eva Nehring
Richard and Erin Olsen
Nancy and Michael Olson
Marie ONeill
Angela Orazi
Paul Organ and Susan Katz
Andrew and Jill Orr
Sue Ellen Ott
Chris and Tina Otto
James and Shirley Overcash
Kevin and Elizabeth Overcash
Robert and Elizabeth Owen
Christine and Kathryn Owens
Nick Owings
Karen Packard
Eric Page
Penelope Paine and Lois Plummer
Greyson Painter and Myla Mattox
Andrew and Brittany Pais
Myongsun Pak and Steve Swienckowski
Maja Palej
Michael and Julie Papay
John Parker and Helen Regis
Diana Parrish and Max Wallace
Troy and Elisa Parrott
Elizabeth Parson
Richard and Linda Pate
Kirtikumar Patel
Shona Patel
Israel Pattison
and James Paumier
Paige Pavlik
Brian Peachey and Brooke Dalrymple
Richard and Thera Pearce
Sarah Pearcy and Kayla Mulford
Sam and Linda Pearsall
Richard Pearson and Joan Robertson-Pearson
Stephen and Amanda Pearson
Kenneth and Ana Pecota
Michael and Linda Peele
Jaimie and Leslie Pelino
John and Carol Pelosi
Pender Pines Garden Center
Ann Penrose and David Brooks
Michael and Barbara Perkins
Dwayne and Maria Perry
Mack Perry, III, and Gary Brown
Peter Petch
Robert and Sharon Peter
Bryan Peters and Susan Joyner
Mary Peters
Alan Peterson and Priscilla Kistler
Carolyn and Gary Peterson
Julie Peterson
Ted and Barbara Pettis
Virginia Phelan
Gary Phillips and Nancy Winne
Jennifer Phillips
Byron and Taylor Pilkington
Pinkham's Horticultural Services
Anthony and Kathryn Pizza
Plantation Spring Nursery
Plantworks Nursery; PWN Companies
Robert Platt, Jr., and Julia Forbes
Pleasant Acres Nursery
Charles and Patricia Poe
Hilary Pollan and Cheryl Siegel
Mitchell and Tomoko Porten
Daniel and Gail Posey
Philip and Barbara Post
Helen Poston and Sylvia Daniels
Craig Potter and Shannon Luxford
Kevin and Laura Potter
Amanda Powell
Chuck and Shelby Powell
Kenneth and Margaret Powell
Ellen and Laurie Powers
Sandra Powers and Ed Blocher
Stephen and Jenny Powers
Sue Powers-Bellew
Stephen and Claire Pratt
John and Charlotte Presley
Ray and Susan Prestia
Crystal Pride
Adrianne Proctor
Al and Ann Proctor
Paula Bass Proctor
Daniel Protasowicki
James Putnam and Stephany Coakley
Olgha Qaqish
Joe and Carolyn Ragone
Kathie Rainey
Mike and Melissa Raley
Bill and Christine Ramsey
Marla Ramsey
Thomas and Amira Ranney
Donald and Jane Ray
Travis and Laura Ray
Donald and Cynthia Rayno
Jason and Bethany Rea
Carol Reaves
Al and Ruth Reberg
Valeska Redmond
Wade and Kathy Reece
Rob and Sheri Reed
John and Kathryn Rees
George Register
Mary Beth Rehm and Ed Brown
Ron and Cheryl Reichen
Philip and Kimberly Reid
William and Margaret Reid
Alan and Evelyn Reiman
Thom and Angela Reincke
Sheila Rennert
Laurie Renz and Connie Renz
Robert and Judy Reuss
Warren and Katherine Reynolds
Jeff and Debra Rezeli
Scott Rhoney and Kathy Matilo-Rhoney
William and Anna Rianhard
Deanna and Brandon Rich
Diane and Alysia Richard
Mary Richardson
John Riddle and Audrey Sharbaugh
Michelle Rieber
Robert and Jennifer Riedlinger
Rudy Riggs and James Phillips
Frances Riley
John Rintoul
Michelle Ripple and Greg Burkett
Dave Ritter and Judith Wood
Dennis and Nancy Ritter
Ahren and Katharine Rittershaus
Ann Roberson
Layne Roberts and Richard Dungan
David and Susan Robertson
Catherine and Lindsay Robinson
Kathryn and Kurt Robinson
Samuel Robinson
Michael Rochelo and Lourdes Arenas Rochelo
David and Lisa Rochette
Alice and Kevin Rodden
Jerry and Mona Rodgers
Rodgers Landscape Services
Samuel and Deborah Rodman
Dan and Kathy Roebuck
Arjen Roelse and Sabine Maas
Jeffrey and Mary Roerden
Walter and Linda Rogers
Lisa Rohloff
Kelly and Greg Roney
Karen and Charles Root
Brian and Laura Ross
David and Rebecca Rothney
Joseph Roycroft
Brenda and Nancy Rozar
David and Victoria Rubin
Rob and Amy Ruchte
Ken and Lauren Ruettimann
Douglas Ruhren
John and Kelley Russell
Lee Anne and Katherine Ryan
Stephen Rymers and Amy Etheridge
David Sabio and Christine Doyle-Sabio
Richard and Judith Salentine
Lee and Teresa Salter
Terresa and Gerald Sander
Daniel and Jennifer Sanders
Chris and Sarah Sandifer
Stephen and Deborah Santelli
Kerry Sappie
David and Carole Saravitz
Stacey Sargenski
Richard and Marion Sarle
Joseph Sasser, Jr., and Anne Porter-Sasser
Donnie and Cynthia Savage
Charles and Mary Sawyer
Mason and Morgan Sawyer
Duane and Laurie Scaggs
Dianne Schaffer
Gary and Lee Schaffer
Debra Schafrath
Robert Schall and Mary Dalton
Scot Scheuring and Robert Carver
Jenn Schick
James Schlitt
Blake and Angela Schlukbier
Jill Schmitter and Phillip Hall
Janet and Paul Schnurr
Jacqueline Schofield
Laurie Scholl
Gloria Schraud and James Brown
Erik and Stacie Schreiner
Pablo and Patricia Scolnik
Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College
Donald and Patricia Scott
James and Christine Scott
Robert and Lynn Scott
Ronald and Melody Scott
Susan and Rick Scott
Harry Searcy and Laurie Clark
Marc and Susan Segre
Mark Seibel and Tina Royals
Walter and Bonnie Shackelford
Carl and Janet Shafer
James and Rita Shaloiko
Jule and Mary Lou Shanklin
Robert Sharer, Jr., and Ludivine Boubert
Igor Shats and Maria Shatz
Phil Shaw and Jodi Forrester
Kirk and Laurie Shearin
Lillian Shearin
Mark and Susan Shepherd
Mark and Sharon Sheppard
David and Barbara Shew
and Kay Shiflett
Laura Shimer
Jim and Sandy Shivers
James and Barbara Shore
Scott and Dana Shulman
Vicki Shute
Evaron and Michael Sigmon
Manmohan Sihra
Linda Silber
Ian and Talmadge Silversides
Kate Simmons and Debbie Creemers
Sims Farms
Abel and Lisa Simutami
John and Amanda Singletary
Robert and Dana Sizemore
Karen Skarda and Mariah Hachmeister
Thomas Skinner, Jr., and Lester Harmon
Thomas Skolnicki and Kevin Kane
John and Carolyn Skowron
Lynn Smiley and Katie Saunders
Andrew Smith and Sarah Leach Smith
Danielle Smith
Jeffery and Christie Smith
Melissa and Chelsea Smith
Michael and Elizabeth Jane Smith
Robert and Martha Smith
Robin Smith
Elizabeth Snider
Ben Snowden
Michael and Julie Snyder
Stephen Snyderman
Steven Solik and Denise Olson
Steve and Cynthia Sollod
Daniel and Carolyn Solomon
Amanda Soltes and Christian Balmadrid
Jesse Sookne and Molly Kirkpatrick
Clyde and Leeann Sorenson
John and Laurie Sorge
James Sorlin-Davis
Ben and Sue Sottile
Raymond Sowell and Cynthia Henderson
Debra Spaduzzi
Michelle Spain
Martha and Warren Spalding
David Spencer and Dee Pickering
Saundra Springer
Chris and Hope Squires
B. J. Stallings
Michael Stallings and Mitzi Hole
Flo Stein-Bolton
Paul and Kim Stephenson
Johnny and Nancy Stevens
James and Lorraine Stevenson
John and Alesia Stevenson
Richard Stokley
Patrick Stone and Tan Tuong
Thomas and Yvonne Stone
Wayne and Leeann Storm
Thomas and Julia Stovall
C. B. and Carol Strange
Sidney and Rachel Strauss
David and Elise Strevel
Donald Strickland and Josephine Tayao
Hank and Frances Stroup
Katharine Stryker
James Stuart and Catherine Stuart
David Stuckey and Bailey Cook
John and Joanne Studders
Wendy Stunja and Kathy Gleim
Cheryl Suffern
Robert and Dorothy Suggs
Sarah Sullivan
Tim and Jan Sullivan
Cliff and Susan Summers
Jim and Ann Sumner
Dawn Sutton
Doug and Bonnie Sutton
Ann Swallow
James and Lynn Swanson
Cornelius and Charlotte Swart
Prudence Swartwood
Meredith Swindell
Rodney Swink and Juanita Shearer-Swink
Marvin and Carla Swirsky
Anne Sylla
Piroska Szabo and Margaret Link
Paul Szulewski and Karen Reed Szulewski
Edward and Michele Szwedo
Pamela Taheri
Todd and Julie Talarico
Denise and Michael Tally
George Tarantini and Allison Marsh
Tarheel Native Trees
William Tate and Yessenia Mendoza-Tate
Barry and Lynne Taylor
James Taylor and Danny Williamson
Steven and Patricia Taylor
Vallie Telfer
Nancy and Henry Temple
Charlie and Beth Tennant
Paul and Sally Tesar
Nile Testerman, Jr., and Elizabeth Austin
Cynthia Thacker
Beverly Thomas
Sandra and David Thomas
Timothy Thomas
Benjamin and Tracy Thomasson
Ashley Thompson
Marvin and Ann Thompson
Judith and Mark Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Scott and Mary Nell Thompson
Walter and Kathleen Thompson
Alycia Thornton
Jack and Lorie Thornton
Robert and Margaret Thornton
Beverly Thurmond
Scott and Holly Tillotson
Mary Beth Tobin and John Connors
Jacob Tomberlin and Christine Smith
Gail Tompkins and Sandra Tompkins
Alan Tonelli
Brian and Mary Kay Toothman
John and Anna Totten
Steven Toy
Linda and Jahn Tracy
William Travers, Jr.
Ken Traynham
Marie Trexler
Randy and Cindy Trice
Kyle and Elizabeth Tripp
Anna Troutman
Pamela Troutman and James Smith
Tom and Cynthia Trowbridge
Dwight Troyer and Linda Maass
Alison Tucker
Garland and Greyson Tucker
Ira and Linda Tucker
Lisa Tucker
William and Jane Tucker
Henry and Cheryl Tung
Lynda Turbeville and Samuel Gaskins
Fred and Elaine Turner
Ann and Bruce Tuttle
Gerald Tynan and Martha Stark
Valerie Tyson and Richard Ehrhardt
Autumn Uchacz
Janice Underwood
The Unique Plant
Karen Untz
Naida Upchurch and Tim Upchurch
Samuel and Tammy Van Duyn
Morrow Van Horne and Stewart Binder
Ann Van Sant and Roberta Newton
Jennifer Van Vickle
Amber Vance and Joanna Smith
Scott VandeLinde
Lowell and Hollis Vaughen
Don and Marcena Ver Ploeg
Duane and Sara Vetter
Nikhil and Shelley Vyas
Jill and Scott Waddle
Charles and Christine Wagner
Jeanine Wagner and Margaret Simmons
Owen and Lindsay Wagner
Becca Wait
Marcia Waldron
Kristin and Jeffrey Walker
Clifford and Kathryn Wall
Katherine Wall and Irene Hahner
Steven and Angela Walsh
Michael Walsnovich and Frederick Ibberson
Ann Walter-Fromson and Paul Fromson
Christopher and Sybille Ward
Arthur and Jacqueline Warner
Gary and Karen Warner
Teresa Warner and Deborah Rejent
William and Donna Warner
Duncan and Kathy Warwick
Scott and Kim Warwick
Yvonne Wasilewski
Thomas and Marianne Wason
William and Kristen Waters
Marion and Seth Watkins
Joseph and Sarah Watson
Kenneth and Phyllis Watts
Phillip and Sara Watts
Mark and Mary Weathington
Reagan and Ardath Weaver
Dane Weeks and Kathleen Jordan
Todd and DelMarie Wehner
Diana Weinberg
Dee Welker
Thomas Wentworth and Linda Rudd
Dennis and Georgina Werner
Kenneth and Margaret Wesp
Chris Wessel
William and Charlene West
Lane and Linda Wharton
Thomas and Laura Whatley
Steven and Patricia Wheaton
Elisabeth Wheeler
Matthew and Kerri Whipple
Ralph and Cheryl Whisnant
David White and Janine LeBlanc
David and Carolyn White
Jack and Ruth White
Matthew and Alison Whitfield
Kerry Whitt and Lynn Rebello
Gerald and Kate Wilczek
Bill and Libby Wilder
David Wilkins and Chelsea Wegener
Anne Williams and John Burness
Oliver and Julia Williams
John and Debbie Williams
Kenneth and Tina Williams
Robert Williams and Lisa Boccetti
Ross and Bobbie Williams
Amber Williamson and Benjamin Crocker
Phil and Eloise Williamson
Grant and Laura Williard
Brenda Willis
Wesley and Elaine Willis
Elizabeth and Brooke Wilson
James and Mary Wilson
Pamela Wilson
Craig and Carol Winter
Thomas and Bonnie Wolf
Fred and Elaine Wood
John Wood and Gayle Collins
James and Brenda Woodley
Fran and John Wooten
Robert Wooten and Sheila Hunter-Wooten
Lynette Worrell
Worthington Farms
Karen Worthington and Wayne Riley
Malcolm and Donna Wright
Milton and Beth Wright
Rebecca and Robert Wright
Tim Wright
Johnny and Jackie Wynne
William and Suzanne Wynne
Alice Wyvill and Shirley O'Donnell
Jack and Bert Yates
Edward Yellig and Sylvia White
Melinda Yelvington and John Henry Isaacs
David and Heather Yeowell
Molly and Joseph Yoder
Philip and Louise York
Douglas Young and Patricia Petersen
James Yourch
Christine Zaineddin
Richard and Lisbeth Zajac
Annie Zangi
Alan and Susan Zelasky
Bill and Wendy Zevin
Haiyan Zhang


Gary Abode
Suzanne Adams
Bess Adcock
Caroline Aden
Donald Agren
Ruth Alexander
Sarah Alford
Sandra Alger
Sara Allan
Adriana Allen
Janine Allen
Nina Allen
Lori Allred
William Alston, Jr.
Amaryllis Gardens
Penny Amato
Mitchell Amiano
Anelle Ammons
Laura Ammons
Sandra Anastasio
Geoffrey Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Jodi Anderson
Linda Anderson
Roberta Andrews
Sallie Andrews
Eula Apostolopoulos
Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery
Timothy Appleby
Arborcrest Gardens
Jane Arey
Martha Armstrong
Carolyn Arnold
Thangam Arumugham
Betty Ashworth
Nancy Atkins
Denise Atkinson
Graham Auman
Judy Austin
Jane Avinger
Camille Bagwell
Katelyn Bailey
Linda Bailey
Susan Bailey
Theresa Bailey
Eloise Baines
John Barbati
Christine Barber
David Barber
Lydia Bardin
Robert Barker
Gail Barkes
Carol Barmann
Patricia Barmon
Lee Barnes, Jr.
Bonnie Barrett
Linda Barrett
Pamela Barrett
Mary Barry
Michael Barry
Sherry Barts
Clare Bass
"Arthur Baugh, III"
Zeb Baukhagen
Robin Baumgart
Jeff Baynham
Rylee Bays
Prudence Beatty
Charles Beck
Beverly Beck
Faye Beck
Bee Better (Helen Yoest)
Kathleen Bell
Caroline Bellis
Teri Bennett
Jan Beresford
George Bevier
Jennifer Bicket
Susan Biddulph
Diane Birkemo
Matt Bishop
Paige Bivens
Nicole Blacksburg
Charlotte Blackwell
Margaret Blakemore
Anne Blanchard
Julian Bland
Sylvia Blankenship
Jean Blanton
Tatiana Blazej-Seltzman
Mindy Bohlen-Admire
Gwenn Bolt
Kelly Bolus
Ethel Boone
Amy Borbet
Eduardo Borja
Wanda Borrelli
Amy Borsay
Wendy Boss
Nancy Bost
Lars Bostrom
Suzanne Botts
Colleen Boudreau
Nikolaos Boutsinis
William Bowen
Susan Bowers
Katherine Boyd
Warren Boyette
Robert Boykin, III
Sarah Bradeen
Colleen Bradley
Lucy Bradley
Vandy Bradow
Carolyn Brady
Jae Brainard
Ann Branch
June Branton
Charley Bratton
Helga Braunbeck
Carol Breckheimer
Anne Breitschwerdt
Kelly Brickey
Phelan Bright
Nancy Broadwell
Alana Brock
Nancy Brockman
Nicole Brockmueller
Meriel Brodie
Barbara Brown
Candace Brown
Emmanuel Brown
Lark Brown
Mary Brown
Matthew Brown
Richard Brown
Emily Bruce
Jesse Bruner
Louise Bryan
Marisha Bryant
Mary Louisa Bryant
Donna Buchanan
Christopher Buckley
Wayne Buhler
Jean Burda
M Burke
Tracy Burke
Maurice Bursey
Allen Bush
James Bustrack
Kate Butler
Marie Butler
James Buynitzky
Carrie Bylina
Cecilia Byrd
Frances Cain
Ann Calamos
Evelyn Caldwell
Rose Caldwell
Anne Calta
Cam Too Camellia Nursery
Camellia Forest Nursery
Anna Campbell
Kathleen Campbell
Lynn Canada
Margaret Cannady
Wanda Cannady
Carolyn Cantrell
Nina Caraway
Frances Carmichael-Jones
Carla Carpenter
Avis Carr
Martha Carraway
Bonnie Carson
Lisbeth Brittain Carter
Susan Carter
Nancy Carty
Elizabeth Carver
Lauren Casey
Suzanne Caso
Annette Cass
Karen Cayes
Patricia Ceger
Katherine Chambers
Kim Chandler
Christopher Chao
Mary Jo Chapman
Linda Chappell
Susan Chappell
Winston Charles
Michael Chelednik
Mih Chen
George Chescheir
Lakisha Chichester
Margaret Chidwick
Jane Chiles
Meredith Chisholm
Alicemae Christian
Cadee Chronaki
Emily Chung
Dianne Ciesla
Angus Clark
Kathleen Clark
Helen Cleereman
Kate Clements
Elizabeth Cleveland
Caitlin Clineff
Bruce Clodfelter
Vanese Clough
Renata Coates
Anna Lees Cobb
Joan Hardman-Cobb
Holly Cochran
Robert Coffin
Margaret Cole
Rebecca Collis
Lynn Colvard
Todd Conard
Eileen Conklin
Anne Conley
Jill Conrad
Diana Constable-Beck
Dana Conte
Judith Cook
Jean Cook
Pamela Cook
Ellen Cooper
Karen Cornell
Tori Cosgriff
Rebecca Council
Laurie Cousart
Nancy Cowan
Erving Cowell
Kirtley Cox
David Craft
Chris Crafton
Lilly Craig
Mary Ann Crawford
Kari Crenshaw
Lynda Creutzburg
Cris Crissman
Robert Crook
Darrell Cross
Jan Crotts
Helen Crouse
Tom Crumbaugh
Mary Cullen
Mary Jo Curci
Patricia Curry
Cynthia Dameron
Sophie Dangtran
Connie Daniel
Colin Daniels
Lynn Daniels
Jo Darling
Kushal Dasgupta
Minda Daughtry
Jamie Davidson
Jinnie Davis
Katie Davis
Pamela Davis
Patsy Davis
Sam Davis
Angela Davis-Gardner
Susan Dawson
Donna Deal
Mara Deckter
Cynthia Deis
Loretta Del Palazzo
"Department of Plant Biology, NC State University"
Adam DeRose
DeRose Garden & Landscape
Carol Derry
Katherine Deutsch
Tom DeVito
Julie DeVries
Mackie Dianis
Lacy Dick
Bob Dietz, Jr.
Dean DiLillo
Christine Dillard
Sarah Dinger
Anna Dixon
Patricia Dixon
Sandra Donaghy, Jr.
Maureen Donini
Doug Pitts' Photography
Edna Dougher
Dennis Drehmel
Linda Drevno
Sylvia Drew
Kay Drogos
Melissa Dudley
Darrin Duling
Lisa Dunlap
Vickie Dunn
Jane Dunne-Brady
Wilbert Dunston
Megan Durling
Jared Dutton
Sandra Dutton
Wendy Dyer
Cecil Dykes
Larry Eacret
Marilyn Easton
Edith Eddleman
Suzanne Edney
Barbara Elder
Barrett Elliott
Wendy Elliott
Kelly Ellis
Lu Ann Ely-Rudolph
Alyson Emanuel
Alleta Emberland
Shelly English
Mary Beth Epperly
Lyle Estill
Kenneth Everding
Sharon Everett
Cody Eyman
Sandra Fain
Terri Fairley
Yonggeng Fang
Sarah Farber
Janice Farringer
Lora Fasolino
Faust Nursery
Susan Fedor
Jane Fenn
Karen Ferguson
Merry Ferre
Shelby Ferrell
Amy Fetzer
Hannah Fetzer
June Finkbeiner, Jr.
Kathryn Finnan
Juliana Fisher
Lee Fisher
Tom Fisher
Fishing Creek Tree Farm
Carol Fishman
Sandra Fitzgerald
James Flanagan
Marion Flint
Connie Flory
Bailey Foote
Marion Foran
Laura Ford
Wendy Foreman
Nancy Foster
Karen Foust
Matthew Fraley
Aillene Franklin
Timothy Franklin
Thomas Franz
Kathleen Freeman
Angela French
Leslie Friedrich
Glenn Futrell
Patsy Fyfe
Catherine Gaertner
Michael Gagnon
Mary Gaines
John Gallick
Alan Galloway
Cheryl Gamble
Garden & Art Landscapes by Norman Rabins
The Garden Collection
Evan Garner
Sharon Garner
Janice Garrett
Karen Geiser
Aileen Genereux
Andrea Genna
Leslie Gernon
Gethsemane Gardens and Nursery
Susan Gilbert
Sylvia Gill
Charles Gilliam
Nathan Gilliatt
Ashley Giovenco
Martha Girolami
Marilyn Gist
Cathryn Glas
Dollie Glaum
Liam Godbold
James Godwin
Goodson & Associates
Sylvia Gorham
Julie Gorka
Karen Gormley
Patricia Grady
Tamela Graef
Claudia Graham
Elizabeth Graham
Charlotte Grant
Cornelia Grant
Rita Graves
John Gray
Susan Grayson
Green Prints
James Gregory
Jeffery Grey
Linda Griggs-Horstman
Mildred Grimes
Maria Grimland
Jerry Gschwind
Joy Haas
Edna Hadley
Georgia Hagan
Mary Haigh
Jenny Haire
Ella Hall
Connie Hallman
Brian Halula
Grace Hamilton
The Hamlin Companies
Patricia Hamon
Lucina Hancock
James Hanger
Sarah Hanner
Murray Happer
Denise Hards
Frank Harmon
Judith Harper
Elizabeth Harris
Edward Harris, Jr.
Gail Harris
Susan Harrison
Thomas Harville
Awatif Hassan
Debbie Haughton
Robert Hauver
Myra Hawkins
Jennifer Haygood
Deborah Hazel
Vickie Healey
Lynne Hebble
Rosalind Heiko
Mary Hellert
Kim Helmer
Jennifer Helms
Margaret Helms
Alicia Hemphill
Rieppe Hendrick
Kenneth Henke
Mary Hennessy
Anderson Hensley
Robin Hensley
Margaret Hepburn
Margarette Hermann
Leslie Herndon
Vicky Herring
Ellen Herron
Giselle Hersh
Angela Hertzberg
Ursula Herz
Mary Benjamin Hester
Linda Hickok
Sheila Higgins
Geraldine Highsmith
Joyce Hilliard-Clark
Kirk Himelick
Laura Hinkle
Robert Hinson
Eric Hirsch
Carol Hobbs
Anna Hodge
Janet Hoffman
Carol Hogue
James Holcomb
James Holland
Marcia Hollis
Elizabeth Holt
Debra Honeycutt
Jane Hoppin
Horticultural Plantscapes
Ada Horton
Katherine Horton
Sharon Hoskins
Robin Hough
Marc Houyoux
Cindy Howard
Kristen Howard
Ann Howell
Cathy Hoyle
John Hrivnak
Brandon Huber
Pauline Huber
Elizabeth Hubscher
Thomas Hudak
Debi Hueter
Brenda Hughes
Laura Hughes
Melody Hughes
Jane Hunt
Thomas Hunter, Jr.
Hunter Tree & Landscape
Diane Huser
June Hutson
Linda Hyman
Janie Hynson
Libby Indermaur
Emily Inman
Takichi Iwashima
Lawrence Jackson
Linda Jaeger
Paula Jay
Dana Jenkins
Edwin Jenkins
Julia Jenkins
Kata Jenkins
Lise Jenkins
Jere's Landscaping
Beth Jimenez
Eva Johannes
Sherilyn Johns
Ellen Johnson
Dee Johnson
Joan Johnson
Johnson Nursery Corporation
Katherine Johnston
Bonner Jones
George Jones
Jessica Jones
Johnie Jones
Margaret Jones
Pamela Jones
Paula Jones
Tom Jones
Blanche Jones
Tracy Jordan
Jennifer Juergens
Arleen Justick
Barbara Kahn
Wendy Kanable
Gloria Kanoy
Jessica Kantor
Cheryl Kearns
Holly Keepers
Kelly Keller
Ellen Kelly
Garry Kelly
Marina Kelly
Richard Kemp, Jr.
Jane Kendall
Charles Kenley, Jr.
David Kennedy
Barbara Kennedy
Melissa Kennedy
Matthew Kenner
Frances Kerr
Doris Kester
Kevin Parris
Jared Kibbe
Charles Kidder
Robert Kinch
Cyrus King, Jr.
Elizabeth King
Joyce King
Joan King
Jennette King
Joe Kinney
Helen Kinsch
Michele Kitching
Barbara Klag
Ronna Klein
Jacquelyn Knapp
Terry Knight
Corrie Kochel
Elizabeth Koehler
Valerie Koo
Annapurna Kosaraju
Shelly Kowalski
Branden Kowalyszyn
Suzanne Krill
Charles Kronberg
Anita Kuehne
Diane Kuzdrall
Juliette LaBonte
Carolyn Lackey
Sherrill Laffey
Karen Lamar
Susan Lamb
Thomas Lamb, Jr.
Naomi Lambert
Vivian Lamm
Landscapes Alive
Sadie Lang
Jeffrey Langley
Donna LaRoche
Christina Larson
Sharon LaRusch
Maryanne Friend
Laurel Springs Nursery
Jacquelyn Law
Mary Lawson
Nicholas Lazio
Betty Lazo
Jeannette Lee
Rebecca Lee
Legacy Lighting
Susan Legatowicz
Phyllis Leistikow
Vivian Lembo
Judy Lennon
Virginia Leone
Katherine Levin
Deborah Lewis
Andrew Liang
Richard Liang
Mary Beth Liles
Cynthia Lincoln
Betsy Lindemuth
Elsa Liner
Margaret Link
Druscilla Lis
Carolyn Littles
Jane Litton
Shirley Livengood
Marty Lloyd
Nancy Loncto
Gregory Lonergan
Annie Long
Erin Long
Longwood Gardens
Wayne Love
Cathy Lowry
Sharon Lubkin
Kathleen Luckhaus
Harry Luther
Alice Lutz
Heather Lycans
Elizabeth Lyne
Robert Lyons
Keelee MacPhee
Christie Magdanz
Mary Lind Mahmud
Cong Mai
Jennifer Maiorano
Lois Makoid
Jeffrey Malcolm
Martha Malling
Madhavi Manduru-Rao
Alexia Maneschi
Kelly Mann
Joan Mansfield
Patricia Manzene
Gene Mapes
Sarah Marano
Elizabeth Margolis
Sarah Marks
Patricia Marolda
Michele Marra
Elaine Martens
Dee Martin
Lynn Martin
Rachel Martin
Jann Martindale
Susan Mastro
Julie Matlock
Margaret Matrone
Deirdre Mattera
Joan Matthews
William Mattocks
Debra Matton
Carl Matyac
Alexis Maxwell
Kidist Maxwell
Harriet May
Vanessa May
Mary McAdams
Joan McAndrews
Ruth McBride
Mary Ann McBride
Lorraine McCartey
Jeanne McCarthy
Harriet McCarthy
Rogeania McCay
Mary McClure
Deborah McCollum
Mary McConnell
Louise McCracken
Ida McCullers
Deb McCutchen
Diane McDaniel
Jesse McDaniel
Karla McDaniel
Virginia McDonald
Janet McGettrick
Sue McGill
Janet McGuinness
Catherine McLamb
Rachel McLaughlin
Teresa McLaughlin
Sharon McLean
Rosalind McMillan
Allyson Meade
Peggy Meares
Marie Meckman
Lucy Meldrum
Tom Mello
Tammy Menches
Eva Meng
Rita Mercer
Sally Merrell
Elizabeth Mew
"George Mewborn, III"
Marilyn Michie-Grist
Rebekah Miel
Elizabeth Miller
Lacy Miller
Marlyn Miller
Morgan-Ashley Miller
Lisa Milliken
James Minor
Priyanshu Mishra
Paula Mitchell
Harvestine Mobley
Casey Molina-Covey
John Monaghan, Jr.
Preston Montague
Jason Moore
Julie Moore
Martha Moore
Robert Moore
Cynthia Morgan
Joel Morgan
Pam Morgan
Sandy Morgan
Miriam Morris
Jeffery Morton
Christy Moses
Matthew Moy
Sharon Munger
Patrick Munley, Jr.
Catherine Mary Murphy
Ellen Murphy
Peggy Murray
Cora Musial
Amanda Mutter
Mary Jo Muzzey
Katherine Myers
Charlotte Newby
Dinh Nguyen
Niche Gardens
Philip Normandy
Allison Northcutt
Elizabeth Norval
Beverly Norwood
Neena Nowell
Virginia Nugent
Janis Nutt
Flora O'Brien
Mary Elizabeth O'Connor
Sam O'Connor
Teresa O'Leary
Earl Oakley
Janet Oesterling
Justin Osterstrom
Michelle Ouimet
Linda Oury
Outer Spaces Landscape Design
Mary Overcash
Richard Moss
Beth Owens
Candis Owens
Elaine Pace
Thomas Packer
Allyson Page
Elizabeth Page
Marsha Page
Anne Page
Aryanna Paine
Babyling Pais
Julia Palmieri
Lynda Parham
Ginny Parker
Kala Parker
Astrid Parker
Kim Partin
Carla Pasi
Mary Belle Pate
Susan Pate
Richard Paur
Sandra DeAngelis Peace
Sarah Pearce
Margery Pearl
Melissa Peden
Dolores Pendergast
James Pendergast
Katherine Penton
Gail Perry
"Jesse Perry, III"
Jo Perry
Rachel Perry
Karen Person
Emily Peters
Mary Pat Peters
Cheryl Peterson
Karin Petzold
Margaret Pfeuffer
Beth Pfitzenmaier
Maynard Phelps
Erika Phillips
Natalie Phillips
Rose Phillips
Whitney Phillips
Lisa Pickett
Debbie Pierce
Rachel Pierce
Pine Knot Farms
Christine Pinkerton
Betty Pipes
Sara Pleasant
Bonnie Pobiner
Catherine Poff
Sandra Polley
Edward Ponek
Angela Ponzini
Jeanne Poole
Nancy Poole
Sandra Schroeder
Tracy Poole
Thomas Pope
Jeffrey Portzer
Greg Potts
Sandrine Powell
Edythe Poyner
Cheryl Pozsonyi
Bonnie Pratt
Jeffrey Preddy
Nancy Prevatt
Marisa Pridgen
Elizabeth Pringle
Kim Proctor
Roxanne Purucker
Linda Quarles
Elizabeth Ramos
John Ramsdell
Sharon Raschke
Kathe Rauch
Sharon Raupach
Millie Ravenel
Mary Louise Ravese
Susan Rawls
Alexander Ray
Frederick Ray
Carla Rea
Shelia Read
Kathleen Redfern
Redwine's Plantscaping & Special Events (Sylvia Redwine)
Susan Reed-Campbell
Christine Reel Brander
Carol Reese
Sarah Reeves
Alexandra Reid
Kathleen Reilly
Jacqueline Reiter
Renz Landscape & Irrigation
Heidi Rerecich
Catherine Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
Penny Reynolds
Paula Ricard
Julie Rice
Wendy Rice
Margaret Richardson
Robert Richmond
Emma Rider
Sherry Rigby
Herb Ritter
Cathrine Evans
Patricia Roberts
Daniel Robertson
Laura Robinson
Pat Roche
Arlene Rodriguez
Melissa Rogan
Daniel Rogers
Louise Rogers
Harriet Roland
Louise Romanow
Elizabeth Rosar
Amy Rose-White
Elise Ross
Lillemor Ross
Courtney Rousseau
Elizabeth Rovins
Mary Rowland
Brenda Roy
Kay Ruark
Annie Ruegg
Daniel Ruehlman
Richard Ruhmann
Jean Rundquist
Mary Russell
Janet Rust
Judy Ryan
Amber Salter
Shelly Sanders
Sue Sandlin-Plaehn
Adelaide Sapp
Harriet Sato
Bill Satterwhite
Diane Schaaf
Nancy Schanz
Jennifer Schmidt
John Schott
Stephen Schroedl
Virginia Schwartz
Iris Schwintzer
Arthur Scott
Barbara Scott
Garrison Scott
Mary Scott
Whitney Scott
Paulina Seila
Carol Sexton
Linda Shaddix
Kathleen Gruer
Anne Sheffield
Wayne Sheffield, Jr.
Anne Shehdan
Sana Sheikh
Nora Shepard
Nancy Sherwood
Anita Shivadas
Jennifer Shonebarger
Sharon Short
James Shostak
Mark Shuman
Tracy Sides
Betsy Sigmon
Judith Simpson
Sheila Simpson
Debra Singer-Harter
Elaine Sisko
Susan Skidmore
Patsy Skinner
Abigail Slee
Celeste Sloop
Lynn Small
Andrea Smith
Christine Smith
Clayton Smith
Linda Smith
Mary Smith
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Steven Smith
Robin Snodgrass
Renate Soltmann
Geetanjali Soni
Robert Sopko
Mickey Jo Sorrell
Mari-Jonn Sothoron
John Soustek
Southern Horizons Landscaping
Michele Spence
Kathryn Spiegel
Steven Spiegel
Emily Sprague
Spring Branch Landscapes
Georgia Springer
Gail Spruill
Sylvia Stanat
Richard Stearns
Kelly Stefanski
Annabelle Stein
Amanda Steinhardt
Elenamaria Steinhauser
Anita Stejskal
Albert Stella
H. E. Stelzenmuller
Joye Stephenson
Marian Stephenson
Jane Stewart
Jeremy Stewart
Jane Stikeleather
Ann Stinely
Robert Stone
Monica Stonefield
Gayle Streifford
Jeremy Strickland
John Suddath
Sugarbush Gardens
John Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan
James Sumerell
Marguerite Summers
David Sumner
Nancy Sumner
Sun Mountain Sustainable Solutions
Jane Sundin
Janice Swab
Erica Swain
Ravi Swamy
Swanson & Associates
Toni Sweetland
Haleigh Swenfurth
Debbie Swift
Whitney Swink
Pier Carlo Talenti
Dana Talley
Elizabeth Tampe
Denise Tarantino
Melody Tart
Abi Taylor
Beverly Taylor
Cheri Taylor
Doro Taylor
Eileen Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
MarJean Telke
Valentina Templar
Alexis Tennant
Sara Teristi
Sheila Tharrington
The Lehmann Design Group
Barbara Thelen
Charlotte Thomann
Janel Thomas
Joan Thomas
Alden Thompson
Christopher Thompson
Gayle Thompson
J Thompson
Kathleen Thompson
Lea Thompson
Robert Thompson
Sally Thompson
Vicki Thompson
Christine Thomson
Deirdre Thornlow
Mary Anne Thornton
June Thorvaldsen
Sarah Thurman
Margaret Thurston
Rita Tighe
Sharon Tigner
Alan Tom
Patricia Tommerdahl
M. E. Traer
Diane Trainello
Peggy Tramposch
Kristi Traynor
Patricia Tremaine
Barry Tuch
Kelly Tucker
Megan Tumpey
Molly Turk
Carolyn Turnham
Tween Streams Gardens
Michelle Ulmer-Parker
Effie Underwood
Marya Upchurch
Anne Urquhart
Deborah Usinger
Jacob Vaccaro
Laurel Vadala
Paulette van de Zande
Jeremiah Vance
James Varnell
Deborah Vaughan
Theresa Venezia
Caroline Vernia
Victoria Vojnovich
Jeff Vojta
Vrb Photography
Betty Wagner
Daryl Walker
Jared Walker
Mary Hunter Waller
Fred Walters
Carol Walton
Oates Wanda
June Ann Ward
Jay Warfield
Katherine Warn
Jane Warner
Joann Warner
Donna Warren
Rose Warren
Roxanne Warren
Owen Washam
"Arthur Watkins, III"
Jessica Watson
Olivia Watson
Susan Watson
Katrina Weaver
Laura Weaver
Willi Webb
Clara Weeden
Lydia Wegman
Nancy Wehling
Pamela Wells
"Joseph Wescott, II"
Wanda Wesner
Janice West
Miranda Wester
Patricia Westphal
Florence Whatley
Sara Wheeless
Robert Whisnant
Barbara White
Heath White
Warren White
Robin Wiegerink
Bobby Wilder
Sheila Wilkerson
Amanda Wilkins
Jeanne Wilkinson
Gaston Williams
Helen Williams
June Williams
Katherine Williams
Linda Williams
Sandra Williams
Shannon Williams
Carol Williams
Allison Willis
Mark Willis
Cheryl Wilson
James Wilson, Jr.
Janice Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
Martha Wilson
Mary Wilson
Sharon Winzeler
Stephen Wirth
Constance Witham
Diana Witt
Karin Wolfe
Deb Wood
Emily Wood
John Wood
Paula Woodall
Susan Woodling
Jamiah Woodson
Richard Woynicz
Laura Wright
Elaine Wu
Mark Wu
Melanie Wyatt
Rosemary Wyche
Marsha Wyly
Jewel Wynns
Yadong Xu
Stephanie Yee
Michael Yellin
John Yelvington, Jr.
Ann Young
Charles Young
Kristin Young
Loretta Young
Z Enterprises
Mary Zaytoun-Steele
Jadwiga Zerda
Theodore Zettle
Donglin Zhang
Dora Zia
Elizabeth Ziegler
Mary Zimmerman
Lisé Zublena
Mark Zumbach

Gifts of Membership

These friends of the Arboretum gave the distinctive gift of membership to friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Thanks for giving the gift of a JCRA membership—a gift that keeps on giving all year!

Katherine Barber
Mindy Bohlen-Admire and Parry Admire
Brady & Associates Forestry Services
Heather and Brian Breedlove
James Bustrack
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Bonnie Danahy
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Wilton Fitzgerald
Jeanette Gerould
The Hamlin Companies
Carolyn Happer and Leonard Graham
W. R. and Margaret Helms
Dick and Angela Hinchcliff
James and Anita Hollister
Charles and Kathy Hornbuckle
Ira and Nina Jackson
Jacob and Margie Clayman Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia
Susan Jarman
Janice Johnson
Melissa Kennedy
Anita and William Ketcham
Greg and Lauren Kirkpatrick
Dalya Kutchei
Leaf & Limb
Jeanne McCarthy and Shannon Williams
Jay and Sharon Molvie
Martha Moore
Miriam Morris
Rob and Rhonda Moseley
Susan Myers
John and Sarah Neal
Lan Nguyen
Virginia Nugent
Jim and Katherine Nutt
Penny Nuwer
Candis Owens
Andrew and Brittany Pais
Betty Partin
Pender Nursery (Jim and Kathy Deal)
LaRue Powell
Gordon Price
Ronald and Teressa Price
Thomas and Kathy Rucker
Henry Rust
Sampson Nursery
Bettie Sarver
Eugene and Roberta Schmidt
Mark Smith and Alice Brooks
Sylvia Swain
Walter and Kathleen Thompson
Patricia Tommerdahl
Bobby Ward and Roy Dicks
Mary Wilks
Kristan Wohlschlegel
Paula Woodall

Raulston Blooms!, Gala in the Garden, and Moonlight in the Garden

Our three annual events and our year long educational opportunities are sponsored and supported by this group of community partners. Their participation and engagement is essential for the JCRA to fulfill its horticultural and educational mission. We thank these partners. Their support helps to keep the gates open, the gardens in top shape, and the plant collections impressive.

Coming Soon

Investment into Perpetuity

All of the endowments that support the JCRA are wise investments and support a lasting legacy. Heartfelt thanks to these friends who chose to invest in the Raulston Arboretum.

August A. De Hertogh Educational Endowment

James Barrett
Sylvia Blankenship
Peter Bretting
Davin and Valerie Brown
John Buettner and John Dole
Mary Cavanagh
James and Connie Comis
Jim and Deborah Cross
Lori Beth De Hertogh
Mary Belle De Hertogh
Michelle De Hertogh
Rebecca Dickerson
Barbara Dower
Nancy Freeman
Mary Hausbeck
Phillip and Mary Hourigan
Angie Jeffries
Jeffrey Jenkins and Patti Florentino
Jewish Community Foundation
Kathie Kalmowitz
Teresa Kuttch
Bryce and Susanna Lane
Marcel and Madeleine Le Nard
William Lewis
Juergen Mart
MB Partners
Nancy Mingis
Paul and Jeanne Nelson
Hiroshi Okubo
Marie ONeill
Dwight and Anne Peck
James Phillip
Whiting Preston
Rosewall Townhome Associations
Linda Schmale-Tate
Roswitha Schneider
Daniel and Carolyn Solomon
Mark Starrett
Sunlet Nursery
JoAnn Vaughn
Dennis and Georgina Werner
Michael Williams and David Bradford
Winston Williams Creech Evans & Co.

JC Raulston Arboretum Endowment for Excellence

David Barnhill
Ellen Camisasca
Rada Chirkova
Renata Coates
Jean Dodd
Marjorie Ewing and Nick Paleveda
Frankie Fanelli
Peter and Vivian Finkelstein
Jane Frank
Ruth Garver
Bruce and Peggy Herbert
Charles and Kathy Hornbuckle
Jo Jenrette
Juan and Beth Jimenez
Nancy Joos
Richard and Amelia Lane
Jennifer Lange
Lisa Lass
Legacy Lighting
Russell Lichtenstein
Jennifer Miller-Reeve
Emily Moore
Nature's Art by Susan Aldworth
Sebastian Perretta
Jeffrey and Catherine Phillips
Steve and Elizabeth Riley
David and Diane Rodger
Karen Solari
Joye Stephenson
Robert Strickland
Piroska Szabo and Margaret Link
Walter and Kathleen Thompson
Richard Todd
Triangle Camellia Society
Barry Tuch
Vonna Viglione
Dennis and Georgina Werner
Louise Williams

JCRA-Linda & Ted Bilderback Endowment for JCRA Children’s Program

Theodore and Linda Bilderback
Christopher and Jennifer Daniels
Charles Kidder and Jane Wilhoite

Robert E. Lyons JC Raulston Arboretum Internship Endowment

Christopher Glenn
Charles Kidder and Jane Wilhoite