JC Raulston Arboretum Plant Sale

Friday, March 31, 2017 – 4:00 pm–7:00 pm – Members-only Preview Sale
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 9:00 am–4:00 pm – Everyone Welcome

Ready for spring planting? We are, and we've got new releases, sparkling grasses, and shrubs to die for!

Our generous friends in the nursery industry are donating premium plants for the Arboretum's spring sale in conjunction with the 16th Annual Birdhouse Competition and Raulston Blooms! This is our seventh annual sale for which all proceeds will benefit the JCRA. Come see what we have to offer and get a jump on your spring planting!

JCRA members get a 10% discount on Friday and Saturday! And, only members can purchase plants on Friday evening. If you are not a member, what a great time to join.

Your purchase keeps the JC Raulston Arboretum growing strong! Each gift, membership, or purchase supports the NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc. (Tax ID #56-6049304) for the benefit of the JCRA.

Plant Availability List

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We're still adding new plants to the list so please check back for new additions and other last minute changes to the list..

Some plants may be available in low quantities. Come early for the best selection.

Achillea millefolium 'Balvinrose'

Adiantum ×mairisii

Adiantum ×mairisii
Mairis's maidenhair fern

No shade garden is complete without a maidenhair fern. The delicate pale green fronds are held on thin black stems (rachis) and are completely deer resistant.

Aquilegia 'Clementine Blue'
hybrid columbine

This spur-less columbine has double blue flowers more reminiscent of a clematis than a typical columbine. The soft green foliage makes a lovely clump even after the long bloom period of the flowers has passed.

Aquilegia 'Winky Double Red-white'

Athyrium 'Ghost'

Athyrium 'Ghost'
painted fern

Silvery white new fronds darken to green creating a great backdrop for newly emerging foliage. The upright fronds add great texture to the shade garden.

Athyrium niponicum 'Apple Court'
painted fern

shade; 18"

Athyrium 'Regal Red'

Athyrium 'Regal Red'
Japanese painted fern

'Regal Red' is a much sought after and very beautiful Japanese painted fern. Stunning fronds are ruffled, with frosty silver edges, and burgundy-red stems. It makes a bright addition to flower arrangements and shady areas in your garden. Fronds remain on the plant late into the fall and is deer proof.

Buddleja 'Podaras #8'

Buddleja 'Podaras #8'
Flutterby Petite™ Blue Heaven dwarf butterfly-bush

sun; 24"–30"

Calycanthus ×raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine'
Raulston allspice

A hybrid between our native sweetshrub and the Asian species created here at the JCRA. Large, glossy leaves and slightly fragrant deep maroon flowers in spring to early summer. Displays incredible hybrid vigor.

Camellia japonica 'Hokkaido Red'

Campanula 'Iridescent Bells'

sun to part shade; 24"-30"

Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'

Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'
Chinese redbud

'Avondale' is an extremely showy redbud which produces fantastic deep purple flowers profusely along its branches and even on the main trunk. Grown as a single stem or multi-stemmed tree, it flowers at an early age. In early spring blooming can easily stop traffic, it is so stunning.

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Just Dandy'

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Just Dandy'
dwarf Hinoki falsecypress

This is a choice little beach-ball of a conifer with tight, congested foliage making it ideal for small gardens, troughs, containers, and perennial beds.

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Sunny Swirl'
gold Hinoki cypress

A graceful addition to any home landscape, this small accent specimen features very finely textured yellow and green foliage in summer maturing to gold in winter; spiraling upward with tufts of stiff twisted branches, it makes an incredible statement.

Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Versent'

Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Versent'
Blue Rock® dwarf Atlantic white cedar

A 'refreshingly blue and spherical conifer, which will obtain a purple glow during the winter. Typical rate of growth in most areas is less than 2 inches per year, resulting in an interesting blue ball of foliage.

Cryptomeria japonica 'Twinkle Toes'

Cryptomeria japonica 'Twinkle Toes'
dwarf gold Japanese cedar

Like the twinkling lights of a city at night, dwarf Japanese cedar 'Twinkle Toes' has sparkling outer yellow needles that glow against inner green foliage. This conical little chap has an irregular, interesting shape with slow, dense growth. Sure to put on a show in your container or rock garden!

Cupressus arizonica 'Carolina Sapphire'

Cupressus arizonica 'Carolina Sapphire'
Arizona cypress

This blue form of Arizona cypress makes a quick growing and tough landscape plant. It is exceptionally drought tolerant once established and has a delightful fragrance. This tree is more blue and a bit faster growing than 'Blue Ice'.

Dryopteris labordei 'Golden Mist'
golden wood fern

This gorgeous evergreen relative of autumn fern sends up new fronds of gold which gradually turn green. Mature plants will be brighter than young ones so give it a year or two to settle into the garden before the real display begins.

Echinacea 'Tomato Soup'

Echinacea 'Tomato Soup'
red purple coneflower

All the new forms of not-purple, purple coneflowers can be overwhelming, but this is one of the best.
Huge flowers to 5" across are a warm, tomato red-orange. This selection is exceptionally long blooming, easily lasting until frost on stout stems.

Eucomis 'Leia'
pineapple lily

sun to part shade; 7"-12"

Euphorbia 'Red Velvet'

This outstanding hybrid selection forms an upright, bushy mound of velvety bronze-red leaves with spring clusters of chartreuse bracts with a dark maroon eye. The foliage turns darker red in the fall. Very drought resistant and looks nice all season. Trim to the ground to rejuvenate plants.

Hemerocallis 'Bubblegum Pie'

Hemerocallis 'Dynamite Returns'

Hemerocallis 'P.S. I Love You'

Hemerocallis 'Patio Parade'

'Patio Parade' is certainly one daylily that
has it all!
It's showy, fragrant and reblooming. Huge 6-inch medium to light yellow flowers begin blooming in summer and continue into the fall.

Hemerocallis 'Sunday Gloves'

Light up your garden with this very fragrant, near white daylily. Loosely ruffled 5" wide white blossoms have a pale yellow eye and a tiny celery green throat.

Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'

Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'
minature hosta

This little hosta shines like a jewel in a box. With dazzling silver-blue perfectly shaped 'mouse ears,' this 'Hosta of the Year 2008' can take more sun than most. Cute as a button, let this "mouse" of a hosta squeak its way into your woodland garden!

Hosta 'Curly Fries'
dwarf hosta

This cool little hosta makes mounds of narrow, exceptionally wavy-edged, chartreuse foliage like a heaping pile of crinkle-cut fries. With age, the leaf stalks will get reddish speckles for added interest. Lavender flowers top the mounds in mid-summer. This is a great plant for tucking around the garden or growing in containers.

Hosta 'Fire Island'

shade; 14"

Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'

American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year 2013. Hosta gur, Tony Avent says, "The fluorescent golden leaf is surrounded by a dramatic border of dark green. This is truly a stunning and distinctive new hosta."

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lindsey Ann'
L.A. Dreamin'™ bigleaf hydrangea

sun to part shade; 30"

Ilex 'Conaf'

Ilex 'Conaf'
Oakleaf™ red holly

Illicium parviflorum 'Forest Green'

Illicium parviflorum 'Forest Green'
yellow anise

Named by Michael Dirr, Ph.D., 'Forest Green' is a compact and improved form of yellow anise. It was selected for its darker green leaves and a more oval-rounded leaf form. It does quite well in wet soils, sun or shade, and makes a beautiful evergreen screen.

Iris germanica 'Fireplace Embers' (Dwarf)

Juniperus communis 'Horstmann Weeper'

Lavandula ×allardii 'Meerlo'
variegated lavender

'Meerlo' is one of the best varieties of lavender for humidity, heat and drought tolerance. Evergreen with beautifully variegated and highly fragrant foliage, it 's lovely year round . It 's happiest in full sun in well-drained soil.

Leucanthemum ×superbum 'Creamp Puff'

Lindera glauca var. salicifolia

Lobelia ×speciosa 'Starship Scarlet'

Lomandra longifolia 'Roma13'
variegated basket grass

This tough little perennial looks like a grass, but is actually considered a groundcover. Rabbit and deer-resistant, this variegated beauty has green and white striped leaves. A low maintenance and drought tolerant plant, it looks graceful too. Pretty on the outside, tough on the inside!

Lonicera sempervirens 'John Clayton'
yellow trumpet honeysuckle

This native vine is a hummingbird magnet with clusters of long tubular flowers in spring and then sporadically the rest of the season. Flowers on this selection are clear yellow.

Mahonia ×media 'Charity'

Few shrubs offer flowers as late as this one. Flowering begins in late Oct. or early Nov. with 10-inch wide clusters that last until Feb. Next, comes long strings of dark purple fruit that the birds devour. Evergreen foliage is so architectural, it would be a spectacular shrub even if it didn't bloom.

Matteuccia struthiopteris 'The King'
ostrich fern

This awesome giant ostrich fern is truly 'King'-ly! A deciduous majesty, this fern sends up regal pale green fronds in the spring, which unfurl in a flourish to appear as an ostrich feather adornment on a crown. Give this monarch a sizeable place to be properly exhaulted!

×Mukgenia 'Flame'

Ophiopogon jaburan 'Hocf'
Crystal Falls® clumping mondo grass

This very hardy form of giant mondo grass makes a 30" tall clump of dark green grassy foliage. Mid-summer spikes of white flowers give rise to blue-black fruits in fall. The evergreen clumps make quite a statement in the garden and suffer little or no winter damage.

Osmanthus fragrans 'Tianxian Taige'

Osmanthus fragrans 'Tianxian Taige'

'Tianxian Taige' is a new cultivar from China whose name translates to "Heaven Fragrance Duplicate" Aptly named, this selection has possibly the most fragrant flowers of any of the Osmanthus cultivars. Flowers are large and range from 0.5-1" in diameter, and are creamy white to light yellow.

Paeonia 'Coral Sunset'

Introduced in 1981, 'Coral Sunset' still stands as one of the best in this uncommon shade for flowers. Its ruffled, semi-double blooms are a brilliant coral with an overlay of rose. The flowers are intensely fragrant.

Paeonia lactiflora 'Raspberry Sundae'

Penstemon barbatus 'Red Riding Hood'

Polystichum tsus-simense

Polystichum tsus-simense
Korean rock fern

A great structural fern for the shade garden. Tight clumps of semi-evergreen foliage emerge purplish darkening to blue-green. Great garden and container plant.

Prunus jacquemontii
Afghan bush cherry

sun to light shade; 6'

Punica granatum 'Salavatski'

Punica granatum 'Salavatski'

An exceptionally cold-hardy pomegranate with large pinkish-red fruit. The sweet-tart juice is refreshing and full of anti-oxidants. The crunchy seeds make a delightful snack or add crunch to salads. In the garden, the showy orange flowers add pop to the landscape and the fruit are attractive as they ripen. A tough and versatile shrub.

Rhaphiolepis 'Spg-3-003'
Redbird™ Indian hawthorn

Redbird features burgundy-red new growth followed by white flowers that flush pink in spring. This pretty evergreen shrub matures at 4 to 6 feet tall and wide. Excellent as a small hedge or foundation planting and it is tolerant of drought and salt spray.

Rhododendron 'Roblez'

A fast-growing dwarf azalea,'Robleza' glows with numerous, true red, semi-double and single blooms in spring, summer and fall. It holds its bright green foliage year-round, adding four season interest in your garden.

Rohdea japonica

Rohdea japonica
sacred lily

shade; 15"

Rosa 'Ausbaker'

Rosa 'Ausbaker'
Teasing Georgia® shrub rose

This delightful rose can be grown as medium-sized shrub or as a short climber. In late spring it's covered in elegant, fully double blossoms. Flowers have a pleasing two tone effect. Center petals are a deep rich yellow color, while the outer petals fade to palest yellow. Winner of the 2000 Henry Edland Medal for the best-scented rose.

Rosa 'Auscat'
Winchester Cathedral shrub rose

Winchester Cathedral poduces masses of elegant flowers at regular intervals throughout the summer season. This is a very robust rose with a delicious and strong old rose fragrance. It is a sport of the beautiful 'Mary Rose'.

Rosa 'Auscot'
Abraham Darby™ shrub rose

Rosa 'Ausnyson'

Rosa 'Ausnyson'
Lady of Shalott shrub rose

This is an ideal rose for the inexperienced. It is robust, highly resistant to disease, and lightly fragrant. Flowers are salmon-pink to peach, and blooms nearly continuously on slightly arching stems. It is an excellent choice for mixed border.

Rosa 'Auspaddle'
Royal Jubilee® David Austin rose

Salvia coerulea 'Black and Bloom'

Salvia coerulea 'Black and Bloom'

Sedum 'Razzleberry'

Spigelia marilandica

Spigelia marilandica
Indian pinkroot

This woodland beauty is a show stopper that will soon be the highlight of your garden. Native to the Southeastern United States, Indian pinkroot produces bright red, 2" tubular flowers with yellow centers in late spring. Grows best in part shade. The hummingbirds will thank you for planting
this one.

Stokesia laevis 'Divinity'
white Stokes' aster

Stokes' aster is a prized garden perennial for its extra long lasting summer flowers. This form of one of our favorite native plants has pure white flowers over the deep green foliage.

Thuja occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire'

Thuja occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire'
columnar American arborvitae

This is one of the narrowest, columnar forms of Thuja occidenatalis. This conifer, with a medium growth rate can be used as an accent plant. Very distinctive.

Ulmus parvifolia 'Seiju'

Ulmus parvifolia 'Seiju'
dwarf Chinese elm

full sun to light shade; 15'

Viburnum 'Spg-3-02'

Viburnum 'Spg-3-02'
Moonlit Lace™ hybrid viburnum

This hybrid between the laurustinus and Father David's viburnum makes an outstanding evergreen shrub with white spring flowers. The deep green foliage takes on burgundy tones. Expect a low, wide plant 3' tall by 5' wide.

Viburnum tinus 'Lisa Rosa'

Viburnum tinus 'Lisa Rosa'
Shades of Pink® laurustinus

Lisa Rosa' is a pink flowered shrub that will add an air of refinement to the garden in spring when in full bloom. The evergreen leaves and showy pink flower buds of 'Lisa Rosa' laurustinus also look great all winter. Area nurserymen have been very impressed with how well this new viburnum performed over our frigid winter.