Annual Plant Distribution


Plants at Numbered Stakes

The following list contains the plants that will be located in front of numbered stakes during the Annual Plant Distribution.

Abelia ×grandiflora 'Sunrise' (Linneaceae)
variegated glossy abelia

sun to light shade; 3'–4'

Stake number: 1

Acer truncatum (ex. 'WF-AT1') (Sapindaceae)
purple-blow maple

sun to part shade; 35'–45'

Stake number: 2

Ardisia sieboldii (Myrsinaceae)
Siebold's marlberry

shade - tender; 6'–8'

Stake number: 3

Aucuba (Garryaceae)
Japanese aucuba

shade; 5'–8'

Stake number: 4

Aucuba japonica (Paul James seedling #6) (Garryaceae)
variegated Japanese aucuba

shade; 5'–8'

Stake number: 5

Begonia grandis (Begoniaceae)
hardy begonia

shade; 18"

Stake number: 6

Begonia ×taipeiensis (Begoniaceae)
Taipei hybrid begonia

shade; 14"

Stake number: 7

Bletilla striata (Orchidaceae)
ground orchid

shade, moist soil; 12"–15"

Stake number: 8

Buddleja 'Blizzard' (Scrophulariaceae)

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 9

Buddleja davidii 'Evil Ways' (Scrophulariaceae)
golden butterfly-bush

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 10

Buddleja 'Summer Frost' (Scrophulariaceae)

sun; 5'–6'

Stake number: 11

Buxus (dwarf) (Buxaceae)
dwarf common boxwood

sun to shade; 24"

Stake number: 12

Buxus sempervirens (Buxaceae)
common boxwood

sun to shade; 3'–6'

Stake number: 13

Callicarpa macrophylla (Lamiaceae)
bigleaf beautyberry

sun to light shade; 6'–10'

Stake number: 15

Callicarpa aff. randaiensis (Lamiaceae)

sun to light shade; 5'–8'

Stake number: 16

Calycanthus floridus 'Athens' (Calycanthaceae)
yellow common sweetshrub

sun to shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 17

Camptotheca acuminata (Cornaceae)
happy tree

sun to light shade; 40'

Stake number: 18

Canna 'Constitution' (Cannaceae)
hybrid canna-lily

sun; 5'

Stake number: 19

Cardamine diphylla (Brassicaceae)

shade; 4"

Stake number: 20

Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Mary Fleming' (Taxaceae)
dwarf Japanese plum-yew

part shade; 3'

Stake number: 21

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Repens' (Cupressaceae)
Hinoki falsecypress

sun to light shade; 2'–3'

Stake number: 22

Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Plumosa Nana' (Cupressaceae)
dwarf plume Sawara falsecypress

sun to part shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 23

Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba' (Bignoniaceae)
desert willow

sun; 25'

Stake number: 24

Chrysanthemum 'Country Girl' (Asteraceae)
garden chrysanthemum

sun; 3'

Stake number: 25

Cleyera japonica (Ternstroemiaceae)
Japanese cleyera

sun to partial shade; 20'

Stake number: 26

Clinopodium nepeta subsp. nepeta (Lamiaceae)
lesser catmint

sun; 14"–20"

Stake number: 14

Cornus sanguinea 'Anny's Winter Orange' (Cornaceae)
bloodtwig dogwood

sun to part shade; 6'–8'

Stake number: 27

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Skogholms' (Rosaceae)
bearberry cotoneaster

sun; 2'–3'

Stake number: 28

Cotoneaster pannosus (Rosaceae)
Chinese cotoneaster

sun to partial shade; 6'–8'

Stake number: 29

×Cuprocyparis leylandii 'Star Wars' (Cupressaceae)
variegated Leyland cypress

sun; 35'–55'

Stake number: 30

Curcuma petiolata 'Emperor' (Zingiberaceae)
variegated hidden ginger

part to full shade; 4'

Stake number: 31

Dasylirion serratifolium (Ruscaceae)

sun, well-drained; 4'–6'

Stake number: 32

Deutzia corymbosa (Hydrangeaceae)
showy deutzia

sun to light shade; 4'–8'

Stake number: 33

Disporum sessile 'Variegatum' (Colchicaceae)
variegated fairy bells

shade; 18"

Stake number: 34

Eleutherococcus sieboldianus 'Variegatus' (Araliaceae)
variegated five-leaf aralia

sun to shade; 6'–10'

Stake number: 35

Eriobotrya deflexa var. deflexa (Rosaceae)
bronze loquat

sun to light shade; 12'–20'

Stake number: 36

Euonymus japonicus 'Green Spire' (Celastraceae)
Japanese euonymus

sun to shade; 4'–8'

Stake number: 37

Ficus erecta (Moraceae)
Taiwan tree fig

sun to shade (tender); 8'–20'

Stake number: 38

Hakea microcarpa (Proteaceae)
small-fruited hakea

sun; 7'

Stake number: 39

Hibiscus syriacus 'Floru' (Malvaceae)
Violet Satin rose-of-Sharon

sun; 12'

Stake number: 40

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Heinrich Seidel' (Hydrangeaceae)
bigleaf hydrangea

shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 41

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Oregon Pride' (Hydrangeaceae)
bigleaf hydrangea

part shade to shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 42

Hydrangea serrata 'Kurenai' (Hydrangeaceae)
mountain hydrangea

shade; 5'

Stake number: 43

Hydrangea serrata (Wilson 7820) (Hydrangeaceae)
compact mountain hydrangea

shade; 3'

Stake number: 44

Hymenocallis (Amaryllidaceae)
spider lily

sun to part shade; 24"

Stake number: 45

Idesia polycarpa (Salicaceae)
iigiri tree

sun to part shade; 40'–50'

Stake number: 46

Ilex crenata (Aquifoliaceae)
Japanese holly

sun to part shade; 3'–8'

Stake number: 48

Ilex 'Sadie Scudder' (Aquifoliaceae)
variegated holly

sun to light shade; 8'–12'

Stake number: 47

Iris cristata 'Gene Cline Form' (Iridaceae)
white crested iris

sun to shade; 8"

Stake number: 49

Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' (Iridaceae)
Siberian iris

sun to partial shade; 32"

Stake number: 50

Iris tectorum 'Alba' (Iridaceae)
Japanese roof iris

sun to partial shade; 14"–24"

Stake number: 51

Lagerstroemia indica 'World's Fair' (Lythraceae)
miniature crepe myrtle

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 52

Lavandula stoechas f. leucantha (Lamiaceae)
white Spanish lavender

sun; 14"–24"

Stake number: 53

Leptodermis oblonga (Rubiaceae)
false lilac

sun; 3'–5'

Stake number: 54

Lespedeza liukiuensis 'Little Volcano' (Fabaceae)

sun; 4'–5'

Stake number: 55

Leucanthemum ×superbum (Asteraceae)
Shasta daisy

sun; 36"

Stake number: 56

Ligustrum sinense 'Wimbish' (Oleaceae)
contorted Chinese privet

sun to shade; 8' tall with narrower spread

Stake number: 57

Lilium formosanum (Liliaceae)
Formosa lily

sun light shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 58

Lilium formosanum var. pricei (Liliaceae)
dwarf Formosa lily

sun; 2'–3'

Stake number: 59

Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii 'Pam Puryear' (Malvaceae)
pink Turk's cap

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 60

Manfreda 'Helen Wynans' (Agavaceae)
hybrid deciduous agave

sun to light shade; 1' (6' flower stalk)

Stake number: 61

Musa velutina (Musaceae)
pink velvet banana

sun to shade; 6'–10'

Stake number: 62

Pachysandra axillaris var. stylosa (Buxaceae)
Chinese pachysandra

part shade to shade; 8"–10"

Stake number: 63

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' (Plantaginaceae)

sun to shade; 2'–3'

Stake number: 64

Penstemon strictus (Plantaginaceae)
Rocky Mountain beardtongue

sun; well-drained soil; 18"

Stake number: 65

Philadelphus 'Bouquet Blanc' (Hydrangeaceae)
Lemoine hybrid mock-orange

sun; 6'

Stake number: 66

Philadelphus scaber (Hydrangeaceae)
rough mock-orange

sun; 8'

Stake number: 67

Phlomis fruticosa (Lamiaceae)
Jerusalem sage

sun; 3'–4'

Stake number: 68

Phygelius ×rectus 'Devil's Tears' (Scrophulariaceae)

sun; 3'–4'

Stake number: 69

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Nanus' (Rosaceae)
dwarf ninebark

sun to shade; 3'–5'

Stake number: 70

Picea engelmannii (Pinaceae)
Engelmann spruce

sun; 50'–75'

Stake number: 71

Picea morrisonicola (Pinaceae)
Taiwan spruce

sun; 50'–75'

Stake number: 72

Picea pungens (Pinaceae)
Colorado blue spruce

sun; 50'–75'

Stake number: 73

Prunus 'Ukon' (Rosaceae)
green-flowering cherry

sun; 25'–35'

Stake number: 74

Pseudotsuga menziesii (Pinaceae)

sun; 45'–75'

Stake number: 75

Quercus glaucoides (Fagaceae)
Lacey oak

sun to light shade; 25'

Stake number: 76

Reineckea carnea (Convallariaceae)
Chinese reineckia

shade; 8"

Stake number: 77

Rhododendron 'Sunglow' (Ericaceae)
Carla hybrid azalea

sun to shade; 4'

Stake number: 78

Rubus rolfei 'Emerald Carpet' (Rosaceae)
creeping raspberry

sun to shade; 6" by 48" wide

Stake number: 79

Ruellia simplex 'Chi Chi' (Acanthaceae)
Hardy pink petunia

sun to light shade; 24"

Stake number: 80

Salix (Salicaceae)

sun to light shade; 15'–35'

Stake number: 81

Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' (Salicaceae)
variegated willow

sun to part shade; 15'

Stake number: 82

Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips' (Lamiaceae)
bicolor baby sage

sun to part shade; 3'–5'

Stake number: 83

Sambucus javanica (Adoxaceae)
Formosan elderberry

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 84

Sedum confusum (Crassulaceae)
Mexican stonecrop

sun; 12"

Stake number: 85

Serissa japonica 'Apple Blossom' (Rubiaceae)
Japanese snow rose

sun to shade; 3'

Stake number: 86

Serissa japonica 'Sapporo' (Rubiaceae)
Japanese snow rose

sun to shade; 2'

Stake number: 87

Sesbania (Fabaceae)

sun; 4'–6'

Stake number: 88

Spiraea formosana (Rosaceae)
Formosan spiraea

sun; 3'

Stake number: 89

Stephanandra tanakae (Rosaceae)
Japanese stephanandra

sun to part shade; 3'–4'

Stake number: 90

Stokesia laevis (Asteraceae)
Stokes' aster

sun to light shade; 2'

Stake number: 91

Taxus cuspidata 'Aurescens' (Taxaceae)
gold-flush Japanese yew

shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 92

Thuja 'Green Giant' (Cupressaceae)

sun to partial shade; 30'+

Stake number: 93

Thuja occidentalis 'Pendula' (Cupressaceae)
weeping American arborvitae

sun to light shade; 4'–15' (if staked)

Stake number: 94

Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Asia Minor' (Apocynaceae)
dwarf Asiatic jessamine

sun to part shade; 12"

Stake number: 95

Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Nagaba' (Apocynaceae)
variegated Asian jessamine

sun to partial shade; 12'+

Stake number: 96

Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Theta' (Apocynaceae)
narrowleaf Asiatic jessamine

sun or shade; 12" or as trained

Stake number: 97

Viburnum odoratissimum var. awabuki 'Chindo' (Adoxaceae)
sweet viburnum

sun to partial shade; 10'–18' tall

Stake number: 98

Weigela florida (Diervillaceae)
flowering weigela

sun to light shade; 4'–8'

Stake number: 99

Weigela florida 'Carlton' (Diervillaceae)
Ghost white-leaf flowering weigela

sun to light shade; 5'–6'

Stake number: 100

Weigela florida 'Verweig' (Diervillaceae)
My Monet variegated dwarf flowering weigela

sun to light shade; 4'–6'

Stake number: 101