Friends of the Arboretum Lecture

"Georgian Plants and Scenery"
Marina Mosulishvili, Ph.D.

  • Friday, March 1, 2002 – 7:30 pm9:00 pm

Georgia, a mountainous country in Eastern Europe, is the most diverse of all Caucasian countries regarding its climate and landscape. It covers almost all bio-geographic regions represented throughout the Caucasus Isthmus as well as a "mixed" zone with communities of diverse origin, including representatives of different floras. Georgia's flora is very diverse and comprises 4,092 species of vascular plants, 675 mosses, 1,763 algae, 6,337 fungi, and 738 lichens. Out of all the vascular species distributed in Georgia, 380 (9.0%) are endemic in the country and 600 (14.2%) are endemic in the Caucasus region. Georgia is situated on the border of several bio-geographical regions. The Caucasus Mountains, which are located on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, represent a unique and rich landscape system. The Gorgian landscape is more preserved than in other parts of Europe. Many parts of the country are still untouched and natural habitats are well conserved. The plant diversity in Georgia is very high in comparison to its small territory, which gives botanists the opportunity to see many different types of plant communities and landscapes over a relatively short period of time.

Dr. Marina Mosulishvili is the Curator of Grasses and Orchids at the Institute of Botany, Georgian Academy of Sciences. Her doctoral research involved the study of Subtribe Koeleriinae (Poaceae, grass family) in the Caucasus. The work involved extensive field studies in many parts of the high mountains of the Caucasus. After completing her Ph.D. in 1985, she coordinated various botanical projects in collaboration with American, German, and Russian botanists. Her present research interests continue to be focused on the study of geophytes of Georgia (Orchidaceae, Amarillydaceae, and Iridaceae).

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