I Spy! Tours

I Spy! Tours for children and families are a fun, interactive way to enjoy a guided walk through the Arboretum while exploring a topic of interest along the way!

Choose a topic, gather your group, and come out to enjoy an outdoor learning experience in the Arboretum gardens. Your hour-long experience starts at the Visitor Center where your tour guide gives your group an introduction to the JC Raulston Arboretum. With your tour guide, explore the gardens while focused on your chosen topic. At the end of the tour, pick up a "Take & Make" craft or science activity to complete at home.


Birds in the Garden: What birds will we spy in the garden today? (winter/spring)

Blooming Fun!: Discover the parts of the flower and the diversity of blooms in our landscape. (spring/summer)

Bees and Butterflies:  Learn about the lifestyles and life cycles of these fascinating insects. (spring/summer)

Trees & Leaves: A celebration of all things "tree!" … types, sizes, shapes, and colors. (summer/fall)

Seeds on the Move: Investigate the surprising variety of ways seeds get moving to continue a plant's life cycle. (fall/winter)

Group size is limited to 10 participants. Tours are $50.00 (flat fee). Advance purchase is required. Please book your tour through our registration e-store.

The organizer of the tour is the person who makes the reservation and pays the tour registration fee. The organizer of the tour is responsible for gathering their group to attend the tour with them. Tour groups do not have to be 10 people to proceed with the tour but can not exceed 10 people. Children participating in the tour must have at least one adult chaperone with them at all times during the tour.

As part of the NC State University campus, visitors to the JC Raulston Arboretum are required to follow NC State University's Community Standards. The tour groups are purposely kept small to help maintain social distancing while allowing children and families to explore the garden and make observations.

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