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September 2018
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Director's Note

By Mark Weathington, Director

Where did the summer go? Students are back on campus, our summer interns have fin ished their learning experiences here, and we've got our Member's Only Preorder Plant Sale catalog live on the Web site so that means fall is near at hand—even if the temperatures don't agree.
We've got some great classes this month including some on dealing with deer . If you can stop the deer from eating your plants, we also have a class about eating your own plants instead. I understand chickweed is a great edible so I've stopped weeding and I've told my wife that I have a vegetable garden now.
The Arboretum is looking great, the kids are back in school, what better way to relax than a visit to the JCRA?

See you in the garden.
Cool Plants for Fall Planting

Kathryn Wall, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

One of the many benefits of being a member of the Arboretum is the access to cool plants. The annual Members-only Preorder Plant sale is under way. Director Mark Weathington says these are some of his favorite selections. The catalog is available online .

The sale runs through September 10 at 12:00 PM. There is no onsite sale, only preorders. Plants will be picked up at the Arboretum in early October in perfect time for fall planting.

Sales will end on Monday, September 10 at 12:00 PM . Payments must be made no later than Monday, September 21 per the instructions provided when ordering.

Plants may be picked up at the Arboretum (park in parking lot and follow signs):

  • Thursday, October 4 9:00 AM5:00 PM
  • Friday, October 5 9:00 AM5:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 6 immediately following the annual Friends of the Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution ~9:30 AM10:00 AM
  • No shipping is available.
Moonlight in the Garden Tickets—On Sale Wednesday, September 5

By Arlene Calhoun, Assistant Director

Join Us for the Preview Night, Tuesday, November 6 – 7:00 PM–9:00 PM

Get your tickets before they go on sale to the general public on Monday, September 17.

Moonlight in the Gardens continues to be a great success. John Garner and his team at Southern Lights of Raleigh return this year to create a magical lighting exhibition for the entire family.

The Preview Night is designed to allow you to be one of the first to experience this year's spectacular show with a more intimate crowd before it officially opens on Thursday, November 8. It will be the only evening when you can stroll the Arboretum after dark with a glass of beer or wine in hand.

Tickets to this year's Preview Night includes delectable samplings from Neomonde Mediterranean, and our friends at Carolina Brewing Company will be serving a beer especially brewed for this special evening. The Antique Hearts will be playing on the Great Lawn where there will be plenty of seating to enjoy a glass of wine or beer and the live music. We'll have the fire pits burning for you to roast a marshmallow or two and warm your hands as you enjoy this year's exhibition.

Moonlight in the Garden helps us raise the funds necessary to keep our gates open and our admission free 365 days a year. We hope you'll join us for this unique fund-raiser. Bring a friend or two—the more, the merrier.

General admission nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 8, 9, and 10 and November 15, 16, and 17 from 6:00 PM–9:00 PM.

Check out all the details at https://jcra.ncsu.edu/moonlight/ or call (919) 515-3132 for additional information.
Fabulous Fall Day Trips

By Cheryl Kearns, JCRA Board Member and Volunteer

Fall is nearly upon us and we hope for good weather for our trips this time around—no wash-outs due to tropical storms! We have confirmed three exciting tours, starting on the campus of NC State, then on to a churchyard—yes, you read correctly—and a third to Camellia Forest for a talk about camellia breeding by David Parks, with an opportunity to purchase from his rich selection of plants.
The first tour will be of the NC State Herbarium on Wednesday, September 26 for a tour hosted by Alexander Krings, Ph.D. The herbarium is used by NC State faculty staff and students and Extension agents and sends samples around the world to enhance research projects and identification of plants. Come learn with us what comprises an herbarium and how it functions.
Although Halloween wasn't quite what I had in mind when I booked this tour, some might find it eerily appropriate. We will be visiting a Tarboro church's collection of plants , one so eclectic that J. C. Raulston used to take his students to see unusual plants in a unique setting. Renée Anderson, Calvary Episcopal Church member and curator of the gardens will be leading the tour. Renée studied at NC State with J. C. as one of her professors and is excited to share this historic garden with us. Renée will be joined by church historian Thomas Miller, who has a working knowledge of many of the plants' histories. Join us on Tuesday, October 30, for an exciting glimpse into a historical planting that still thrives. Our visit will be followed by lunch (not included in registration) in a local café in the historic town of Tarboro.
The final fall tour follows shortly after, on Wednesday, November 7. Fall is a perfect time to add a camellia or two to your collection—but I challenge you to limit yourself to just one or two! Camellia sasanquas should be putting on a show in David Parks' greenhouses at Camellia Forest Nursery , tempting us with their color range, flower size, and plant forms. Before letting us loose to shop, David will discuss breeding camellias, which has been his lifelong work, explaining what he looks for in traits, the time it takes to get a plant to market, and various other considerations as he works to breed and release the next fabulous camellia. You will be a more informed shopper once his talk is done and you dig out your wallet! Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted. Plants purchased will be taken back to the JCRA for you.
All of these tours are limited to 20 people. Please see the calendar to sign up or contact Chris Glenn at (919) 513-7005 or chris_glenn@ncsu.edu for more information. We look forward to another exciting group of day trips and hope you can join us!
Creating an Urban Sustainable Wildlife Gardening

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

With our changing world, we have one place where we can make a difference—in our own backyards, even if all you have is a balcony! If you want to be part of the growing number of gardeners who want to make a difference to better the Earth and the life within, attend Helen's course on creating an urban sustainable wildlife garden on Wednesdays beginning on October 3 and ending on the 24th.

From her course, you will learn how to create a fully sustainable garden for the birds, bees, and butterflies, and in doing so, you're also protecting wildlife including, dragonflies, green anole, skinks, and a whole host of other critters that make your garden an ecosystem.

After understanding the basics of creating a sustainable habitat—through waterwise principles, mulching, and the elimination of pesticide usage—we then discuss the importance of the specific plants needed, and why, to fully sustain the life cycles of our area native and European honey bees, resident and migratory birds, and butterflies within our range.

It's all about plant diversity. If you think you have a butterfly garden because you have lots of pretty flowers, sign up to find out why you're are only a third of the way there. Learn what it takes to have a fully sustainable wildlife habitat! If you have supplemental bird feeders, but want to know more about their protection, Helen's course will cover this. Are you trying to attract a certain area bird but have had no luck, consider your feed, feeder, and location. Learn this information and more to understand how you can create an ecosystem for the birds, bees, and butterflies.
Arboretum Joins NC State Cultural Experience Series and You're Invited

By Arlene Calhoun, Assistant Director

What do you get when you cross the JC Raulston Arboretum, with the Gregg Museum, NCSU Libraries, and the College of Veterinary Medicine? The NC State Cultural Experience Series, that's what!

Let me explain. Early last year, these four passionate NC State organizations with fabulous collections started discussing how we could increase individual community exposure and awareness through a mutual collaboration. We wanted to offer a personal experience to the kindred spirits that exist between all those who love gardens, art, books, and animals.

We're excited to introduce this 2018–2019 cultural series that consists of four signature events—one hosted by each organization. As Friends of the Arboretum, you will receive an exclusive e-mail invitation to attend. The Friends of the Library will be hosting the first one on October, 18. We will be sending the invitation in September. Be sure to get your tickets early, space will be limited.

We hope you enjoy the unique experiences offered by the NC State Cultural Experience Series!
Horticulture Classes at the JCRA

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Fall is known in the South as the time for planting, but it's also the time for gardening classes at the JC Raulston Arboretum. Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping, and Basil Camu, Leaf & Limb, bring their knowledge and expertise to our educational lineup of classes in September.

Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, September 15 – 9:00 AM

Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, September 15 – 1:00 PM

"A Tale of Love, Murder, and Proper Pruning"
Basil Camu, Treecologist, Leaf & Limb
September 22 – 9:00 AM

For more information about these classes, please click on the links above or contact Chris Glenn at (919) 513-7005 or chris_glenn@ncsu.edu.
Fall Courses at the JC Raulston Arboretum

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

In addition to Helen Yoest's Creating a Sustainable Urban Wildlife Habitat for the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies course, the JC Raulston Arboretum is offering gardening and oil painting courses with Bryce Lane and Linda Holmes.

Bryce Lane, NC State University
Mondays, September 17 through November 5 – 6:30 PM

This is an eight-week course for the home gardener who wishes to improve their plant selection skills and increase their knowledge base about the many different plants they can choose for the landscape. Each week, Bryce will focus on two different groups of plants that enhance the home landscape. Discussion will begin with general information about each group of plants, ranging from selection criteria to soil preference, to exposure requirements. Then he'll look at a number of the most desirable, interesting, and high performing plants in each group. From small flowering trees to shade tolerant perennials, come expand your plant knowledge and gardening skills.

Linda Holmes, Linda Holmes Fine Art
Saturdays, October 6 through November 3 – 10:00 AM

Painting is fun. It is a way to relax, to realize how creative energy is gift you give yourself, and a wonderful means of escaping into a world of your own design. This course is designed for adults interested in learning how to paint with oils. It is a beginner level, five session class weekly class, but also helpful for those with a desire to return to painting or refresh their skills even if other mediums were used. Drawing, doodling, watching You Tube learn-to-draw videos, or picking up a very basic learn-to-draw book are all very helpful.

For more information about these courses, please visit the links above or contact Chris Glenn at (919) 513-7005 or chris_glenn@ncsu.edu.
Children's Program

By Elizabeth Overcash, Children's Program Coordinator

All the students are back in school and all the camp supplies are tucked back away on the storage shelves, but that doesn't mean our Children's Programs have gone away!

After a busy summer with seven summer camps ranging from preschool to middle school, September brings a new focus area for our programs. Our calendar is filling up with school tours and homeschool groups visiting the gardens. September also means the return of programs like Garden Buds for our preschool-aged friends or Science Saturdays for middle school students.

Take a Child Outside week also happens this month, September 24 through 30. This program was started by staff at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and is now an international movement! The week encourages families to go outside and sped time together exploring and enjoying the outdoors. During the week, we will have activities each day to participate in like nature painting , a bingo game searching for our favorite spots in the gardens, and a morning looking for fairies and gnomes

If your family can't make a program, the gardens will be here from dawn to dusk for you to explore on your own. Don't miss this opportunity to reconnect your family with the natural world!
Behind the Scenes Propagation

By Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager

There is much that goes on behind the scenes at the JC Raulston Arboretum. Propagation for one and it's an essential part of fulfilling the Arboretum's mission.

New acquisitions don't always arrive as plants but instead as seed or propagules. Mark Weathington, director, often brings back both from his collecting trips around the world. Mark also selects seeds from many Index Seminum , the lists of seeds available from other public gardens. Many of the seeds on offer are not available from commercial sources.

The JC Raulston Arboretum has its own Index Seminum . Seeds are collected from the Arboretum throughout the year. Most of this is done by a volunteer, Mary Leonardi. Mary also labels and processes the seed. The JCRA Index Seminum is sent to public gardens around the world.

Two plants of note which arrived as seed are a beautyberry, Callicarpa (MWC12-767) and a globe thistle, Echinops maracandicus.

The Callicarpa was collected by Mark in China in 2012. It has quite large, super-fuzzy, handsome leaves and, for a callicarpa, quite a showy floral display. The inch and a half spheres of pink flowers are held above the foliage, a pair of them at each node. As the flowers do not all open at the same time, but rather from the bottom of the stem upwards, it is in flower for an extended time. The fruit are shown off in this same manner. Two fine specimens are located near the Yurt. It closely resembles another Callicarpa in the JCRA nursery, Callicarpa rubella var. rubella . Though the specific epithet, rubella , means reddish, its fruit are about as red as the flowers of redbud ( Cercis ).

The Echinops is most notable in that it grows robustly. Echinops ritro is the species most often encountered in the nursery trade and though it does survive our climate it just barely survives. So, it pleases me to have a globe thistle that thrives. Garden designers delight in having the strikingly spherical heads of blue-violet flowers to contrast with other flower forms. Yet it's easy to imagine that our native bumblebees enjoyed them even more, spherical or not.

And if you will indulge me, Callicarpa is from the Greek for "beautiful fruit," hence "beautyberry." Echinops is also from Greek, in this case the word for "hedgehog," for the spiny head of flowers.

But what about those propagules? A propagule is any vegetative part of a plant that can be used to produce a new plant, such as stem cuttings, root cuttings, leaf cuttings, suckers and spores etc. It might be one time when that dreadful term "plant material" would actually make sense. So sometimes new acquisitions arrive as propagules and not whole plants, but more about this will have to wait until another e-Update.
Fresh and Ready for Your Next Gathering

By Arlene Calhoun, Assistant Director

The York Auditorium in the Ruby C McSwain Education Center has been refurbished.

Interior designers at NC State helped create a calming and botanically inspired palette. Stop in and take a look. Notice the subtle reed pattern on the new wall coverings and the dappled shade effect on the new carpet tiles. We think it looks fresh and fabulous and blends perfectly with the notable architectural features of the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center.

If you or someone you know is planning a gathering of most any kind, let them know we have gardens and event spaces to rent.

Availability, rates, room capacities, and rental policies can easily be checked from our Web site at https://jcra.ncsu.edu/rentals/ . And Chris Ferguson, our facility and rental coordinator, is happy to help. He can be reached at chris_ferguson@ncsu.edu or (919) 513-7457.
Upcoming Events

Volunteer Tour Docent
Sundays, September 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30
2:00 PM
"Monocot Madness"
Mark Weathington, Director
Tuesday, September 4
9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Fall Fun with Apples
Thursday, September 13
10:30 AM and
Friday, September 14
Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, September 15
9:00 AM

Yurt Yard Harvest Day
Saturday, September 15
9:00 AM

Frank Hyman, Cottage Garden Landscaping
Saturday, September 15
1:00 PM
Register (almost full)
Bryce Lane, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Emeritus and Lecturer Emeritus, Department of Horticultural Science, NC State University
Mondays, September 17 and 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29, and November 5
6:30 PM
Register (almost full)
Susan Bailey, Susan Bailey Photography
Thursday, September 20
2:00 PM
Register (almost full)
"A Tale of Love, Murder, and Proper Pruning"
Basil Camu, Treecologist, Leaf & Limb
Saturday, September 22
9:00 AM
Hosted by the Eastern North Carolina Iris Society in Cooperation with the JC Raulston Arboretum
Saturday, September 22
10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Seed Explosion
Monday, September 24
1:00 PM

Fairies in the Garden
Tuesday, September 25
10:00 AM

Nature Paintings
Wednesday, September 26
10:00 AM
Wednesday, September 26
10:00 AM

Garden Buds
Thursday, September 27
10:30 AM

Garden Buds
Friday, September 28
10:30 AM
Cohosted by the JC Raulston Arboretum and the Piedmont Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society
"The Flora of Central Asia"
Vojtěch Holubec, NARGS Traveling Speaker
Saturday, September 29
10:00 AM

Arboretum Favorites Bingo
Saturday, September 29
10:00 AM

Yurt Open House
Sunday, September 30
1:00 PM3:00 PM
Sponsored by the JC Raulston Arboretum and the Triangle Carolinas Nature Photographers Association
Saturday, September 29 – Open House and Awards Ceremony
7:00 PM 

✽Denotes a children's program.

Many programs require advance registration. Please register early to reserve your spot.

Other Dates to Remember

Thursday, August 13
9:00 AM–3:00 PM

Saturday, October 6
9:00 AM

With Our Friends at Southern Lights of Raleigh
Tuesday, November 6
7:00 PM–9:00 PM

With Our Friends at Southern Lights of Raleigh
Thursday, November 8 through Saturday, November 11 and
Thursday, November 15 through Saturday, November 17
6:00 PM–9:00 PM
Coming Attractions
By Nancy Doubrava, Volunteer
Buddleja davidii 'Opera'
Lycoris albiflora
white surprise-lily
Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus 'Apricot Gold'
golden sweet-olive
Podocarpus macrophyllus 'Sunshine Spire'
columnar Japanese yew-pine
Euscaphis japonica
sweetheart tree
Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Inoveris'
Grand Bleu bluebeard
Salvia coerulea 'Cosquin'
blue anise sage
Sedum 'Maestro'
YouTube Channel Update

By Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Two new videos were recorded in August and posted to our YouTube Channel . Look for them on our channel or click the graphic below.

Receive announcements about our latest additions by subscribing to our YouTube Channel .
The Plantsmen's Tour video is estimated to be available on YouTube late on Saturday, September 1. It is currently uploading.
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